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EU Elections 2019 09-05-2019

Printing ballot papers for EU elections: major obstacle for the French

Smaller French political parties such as the ‘yellow vests’, the Pirate Party, the Animalist Party and even the party calling for Esperanto to be adopted as an EU language, are flocking to the European elections. But they will have to dish out at least €300,000 to cover the costs of printing ballot papers. EURACTIV France reports.
EU Elections 2019 02-05-2019

EU country briefing: Czech Republic

The following article is a part of a series of brief country profiles for the EU-28 ahead of the European elections in May. The Czech Republic, shortened to Czechia since 2016, was the second most developed country (after Slovenia) of the eight Central...
Elections 23-10-2017

Czech tycoon Babiš to be named prime minister but may struggle to find partners

Czech President Milos Zeman said yesterday (22 October) he would name Andrej Babiš prime minister, but the tycoon leader of the anti-establishment ANO party may struggle to find coalition partners despite his emphatic election win.
Languages & Culture 11-03-2015

Tintin writer: ‘Copyright has always been a battle’

For Benoît Peeters, copyright is a constant battle. The comics writer told EURACTIV France how the system feeds authors’ creativity over the long term, whilst allowing them to retain moral authority over their work. 
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EU Elections 2014 05-05-2014

Sweden’s Pirate Party set for election failure

The European Parliament elections could become a fiasco for the Swedish Pirate Party, according to a new poll by Sifo.
Elections 13-03-2013

Brussels seeks faces for next European elections

Political parties should nominate a candidate for European Commission President in the 2014 EU elections and display their European political party affiliation, the EU Executive recommended yesterday (12 March). 
Technology 22-06-2012

MEPs to ‘finish off’ ACTA on 4 July

A European Parliament Committee rejected the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) yesterday (21 June) despite pro-business lobbying by Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht, who insisted that Parliament should not decide before the European Court of Justice gives its opinion. A final vote in the full Parliament is expected on 4 July.
Elections 16-04-2012

European Pirate family is born

Pirate party representatives from more than 25 countries agreed at a conference in Prague to prepare a joint platform and campaign for the elections to the European Parliament in 2014, the Czech media reported.
Elections 11-04-2012

Poll puts Germany’s Pirate Party in third place

Germany's political newcomer, the Pirate Party, has become the third political force in the country according to a new survey that gives it 13% of support, ahead of the Greens (11%), the Left (Die Linke, 8%) and the Liberals (5%). EURACTIV Germany contributed to this article.