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Central Europe 17-04-2012

Orbán seeks to catapult MEP to Hungarian presidency

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has nominated János Áder, a political ally and European Parliament member, as Hungary's next president, following the resignation of Pál Schmitt over a plagiarism scandal. A vote of approval is scheduled to take place in Parliament on 2 May.
Central Europe 02-04-2012

Hungary’s president resigns in plagiarism scandal

Hungarian President Pál Schmitt announced his resignation today (2 April), as the plagiarism scandal around his doctoral thesis unfolded, the Hungarian media reported. 
Central Europe 30-03-2012

Hungarian president loses doctorate in plagiarism case

Semmelweis University has stripped Hungarian President Pál Schmitt of his doctoral degree after determining that he copied much of his thesis from other sources, prompting opposition politicians to call for his resignation, the Hungarian media reported. 
Regional Policy 26-05-2011

Austrian commissioner faces plagiarism accusations

The academic record of EU Regional Policy Commissioner Johannes Hahn has been called into question after an expert group listed 76 cases of plagiarism in his 1987 doctoral thesis. Hahn denied the charges and claimed they were "politically motivated". EURACTIV Germany reports.
Elections 18-02-2011

Plagiarism scandal hits Merkel’s political heir

Chancellor Angela Merkel's heir-apparent pulled out of an election rally yesterday (17 February) amid a plagiarism scandal that could cost him his credibility, his PhD title and possibly even his job.

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