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Health 13-06-2018

EU should protect its brands and legislate to reinforce them, Italian MEP says

The EU should protect its brands as they have a great potential to make Europe competitive worldwide, right-wing MEP Stefano Maullu told EURACTIV.com in the context of the continuing 'branding versus consumer welfare' debate.
Economy & Jobs 08-06-2018

Conservative MEP: Plain packaging will not tackle rising obesity

Most people gain weight because of the lifestyle and measures like plain packaging will not provide the solutions we need, conservative MEP Daniel Hannan said.
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Health 06-06-2018

Freedom of marketing and brands remains vital in the 21st century

When consumers make decisions in the marketplace, they are voting with their wallets, writes Yaël Ossowski.  
Health 04-06-2018

Plain packaging: ‘Brand-theft’ or better consumer protection?

The rising trend of imposing plain packaging on unhealthy products has raised eyebrows in the industry, which fears that its brands are under threat. The World Health Organisation, on the other hand, insists that the measure provides a long-term benefit for public health.
Health 27-03-2018

WHO urged to end ‘ineffective’ tobacco plain packaging

The removal of brands from packaging is a "gross violation" of intellectual property rights and has failed to achieve its intended goals, the Property Rights Alliance argues in a letter to the World Health Organisation.
Health 23-01-2018

Australia proves that EU tobacco plain packaging will fail

Plain packaging policy has been unsuccessful in reducing smoking rates and health-care costs in Australia and it will fail to do so in Europe too, writes Sinclair Davidson.  
Health 18-12-2012

Draft EU rules open door to plain cigarette packs

The European Commission is to propose larger health warnings on cigarette packets and a total ban on flavourings such as menthol, according to a draft revision of EU tobacco rules, due out on Wednesday (19 December). Industry representatives have balked at the draft rules, saying they were illegal and would amount to "plain packaging by the back door".
Health 17-08-2012

Logos on cigarette packages to disappear?

The European Union is considering banning logos on cigarette packs as part of an upcoming review of its law to deter smoking, a spokesman said after Australia's highest court upheld a similar ban.