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Technology 13-05-2022

Poland pushes for digital and telecoms integration with Ukraine

Poland sent a letter to the European Commission asking them to support better digital integration of Ukraine including in the telecoms sector with other countries expected to add their voices to the call.
Global Europe 12-05-2022

Russia puts sanctions on Gazprom subsidiaries in Europe

Moscow has imposed sanctions on 31 companies, including the owner of the Polish part of the Yamal pipeline, as well as the former German unit of the Russian gas producer Gazprom, whose subsidiaries service Europe's gas consumption.
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Politics 07-05-2022

It’s still the same Russia

Be it Putin, Stalin or a tsar, Russia repeats its crimes and lies. That is why Moscow’s imperialism must end forever – on the occasion of the Victory in Europe. ECR MEP Anna Fotyga is the former minister of Foreign...
Europe's East 05-05-2022

International donors conference in Warsaw raises $6.5 billion for Ukraine

An international donors conference in Warsaw on Thursday (5 May) collecting funds for Ukraine raised around $6.5 billion, Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said.

MEPs blast French presidency for skipping EU debate on Hungary and Poland

European lawmakers across the political spectrum lashed out on Tuesday (3 May) at the French delegation heading the EU Council for not showing up at a long-delayed debate on the procedure against Hungary and Poland for their alleged breach of EU values. 
Europe's East 03-05-2022

Hungary shrugs off Ukrainian allegations it was warned of the war by Kremlin

Hungary dismissed as "fake news" allegations made by a high-level Ukrainian official that Budapest had been warned by Russian President Vladimir Putin of his intention to invade Ukraine and was even planning to annex part of its neighbour's territory.
Energy 02-05-2022

EU energy ministers hold crisis talks after Russian gas cuts

Energy ministers from European Union countries hold emergency talks on Monday (2 May), as the bloc strives for a united response to Moscow's demand that European buyers pay for Russian gas in rubles or face their supply being cut off.
Global Europe 29-04-2022

Russian spy chief says part of Ukraine to become Polish

Russia's foreign spy chief accused the United States and Poland on Thursday (28 April) of plotting to gain a sphere of influence in Ukraine, a claim denied by Warsaw as disinformation aimed at sowing distrust among Kyiv's supporters.
Energy 27-04-2022

Russia cuts gas to Poland, threatens disconnecting Bulgaria

Russia halted gas supplies to Poland under the Yamal contract on Wednesday (26 April), in a deepening of the rift between the West and Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.
Energy 26-04-2022

Germany ‘very, very’ close to independence from Russian oil

Thanks to efforts to diversify oil suppliers and with support from the Polish government, Germany is days away from being independent of Russian oil, Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck said.
Technology 26-04-2022

EU top court upholds Copyright Directive’s “upload filter” provision with caveats

The EU Court of Justice (CJEU) has upheld the controversial Article 17 of the Copyright Directive, meaning platforms will be directly liable for – and responsible for removing – any copyrighted content uploaded to their sites. 
Europe's East 22-04-2022

Kyiv Symphony’s European tour marks ‘cultural front’ in Ukraine crisis

For Eleanora Tymoshenko, a music teacher from Balakliia, near Kharkhiv in Eastern Ukraine, and now a refugee in Warsaw, a night of Ukrainian music is food for her soul as she reflects on the conflict ravaging her home.
Europe's East 22-04-2022

Warsaw mayor asks for more support, EU coordination on Ukraine refugees

The international community and Poland's government need to coordinate better and provide more support directly to local governments and charities helping Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Warsaw's mayor said on Thursday (21 April).
Elections 21-04-2022

Le Pen’s U-turn on EU policy is proving difficult to sell

France's far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen insists she wants to remain in the EU and "deeply" reform it despite accusations that her programme is just a veiled "Frexit". EURACTIV France reports.
Global Europe 20-04-2022

Ukraine receives fighter planes, aircraft parts to bolster air force

Ukraine has received fighter planes and aircraft parts to bolster its air force in the face of Russia's invasion, the Pentagon said Tuesday (19 April), declining to specify the number of aircraft or their origin.
Global Europe 20-04-2022

Russia will retaliate if its Warsaw embassy cannot work, Russian envoy warns

Russia will retaliate against Poland if its embassy in Warsaw stops working because it cannot receive fresh funds from Moscow, its ambassador warned on Tuesday (19 April).
Europe's East 15-04-2022

Poland’s deputy PM: War gives Poland, Ukraine chance to bury troubled past

Poland has shown immense support for Ukraine since the Russian invasion started. What is less known to the outside world is that the two countries share a history of oppression and bloodshed, but according to Poland's Deputy PM Piotr Gliński, the war has given them a chance to achieve full reconciliation.
Energy 14-04-2022

Cleaning Poland’s air: EU hopes for green heating from Warsaw

As fossil fuels continue to be burned to produce heat, Europe’s air quality suffers. With many of these fossil fuels coming from Russia, EU policymakers are seeing an opportunity to speed up their phase-out.
Europe's East 14-04-2022

When the adrenaline wears off: Ukrainian refugees in Central Europe

Central Europe will need serious assistance from the West to ensure that the region can host and provide all services needed to the fleeing from war Ukrainians and safeguard democratic societies, write Jakub Wisniewski and Vladislava Gubalova.
Future EU 14-04-2022

‘Ever Closer’ Union or ‘Ever Stronger’ Union?

The 1648 Westphalia treaty stipulated that each state could choose its own religion and others would not interfere in its internal matters. This Westphalian approach is a way to live in peace and harmony with distant partners and among ourselves, writes Žiga Turk.
Global Europe 13-04-2022

Leaders of Poland and Baltic states in Kyiv to discuss military assistance

The presidents of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia arrived in Kyiv to meet Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and discuss military assistance, while Russia warned that vehicles transporting weapons on Ukrainian territory would be considered as legitimate military targets.
Europe's East 08-04-2022

EU funds to help Ukraine refugees are insufficient, frontline countries warn

Frontline EU countries receiving Ukrainian refugees are warning that the bloc's current approach of loosening rules that govern structural fund spending in order to finance the influx of those fleeing the war will be insufficient in the long run.
Politics 04-04-2022

Splitting up Europe’s authoritarian alliance

The reelection of Viktor Orbán to a fifth term as Prime Minister of Hungary should push the European Commission to isolate his autocratic government and break up Europe’s authoritarian alliance between Hungary and Poland.
Energy 01-04-2022

Gas crisis accelerates energy transition in district heating

The war in Ukraine is shifting the economic fundamentals behind the choice of fuel supplying district heating networks, with large-scale heat pumps becoming a more attractive option for energy operators looking to decarbonise.