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Digital 26-05-2020

EU police forces to employ anti-drone guns ‘illegal’ in the US

EU police forces are set to roll out Australian-made anti-drone weaponry, in order to help eliminate national security threats. However, the technology in question is prohibited by federal law in the United States.
Digital 24-02-2020

EU police plan massive facial recognition database

Police forces in the European Union are planning to establish an interconnected bloc-wide network of facial recognition databases, leaked documents reveal.
Data protection 10-11-2017

Commission wants to extend law for police data access to the US

The European Commission hopes to set an international standard with its upcoming proposal to give police easier access to data from tech companies, and has already asked the United States to cooperate.
Data protection 19-09-2017

Commission to publish encryption report on 18 October

The European Commission is trying to pull together member states' differing views on security and privacy before it publishes a report on encryption technologies on 18 October.
Elections 06-06-2017

May under pressure over security as poll lead tightens

Prime Minister Theresa May has come under mounting pressure over security just days ahead of the UK’s general election. Her opponents say cuts she spearheaded as home secretary have left Britain more vulnerable to terrorism, after the country has been hit by three attacks in less than three months.

German government denies it has a racism problem

The German government sees no reason to take seriously allegations of institutional racism in public agencies and the police force. Civil rights advocates are growing increasingly alarmed. Tagesspiegel reports.
Security 16-02-2007

Accord reached on police databases

Meeting on 15 February 2007, justice and home affairs ministers agreed on incorporating the main provisions of the 2005 Prüm Treaty, which provided for greater cross-border co-operation of police and judicial authorities, into the EU's legal framework.
Security 29-01-2007

Pan-EU police databases backed by Germany

EU Presidency holder Germany is pushing for Union-wide rules entailing national police operating across borders and the sharing of DNA information in an effort to halt serious crime suspects and terrorism.
Security 13-03-2006

The EU’s Police Chief Task Force and Police Chiefs Committee

This analysis, by Tony Bunyan of Statewatch, looks at the emergence and role of the EU's Police Chief Task Force and the Police Chiefs Committee.
Security 17-01-2006

Europol may be given new investigatory powers

The most controversial issue to come out of recent discussion by European justice ministers was the proposal that Europol should be given police-type powers to investigate crime across borders.
Security 08-11-2005

French riots won’t spread, politicians hope

After the first death during the ongoing riots in France's impoverished banlieues, European politicians are discussing the risk of copycat incidents in other EU countries.
Security 20-07-2005

Council steps up cross-border hot pursuit

New provisions have been proposed in the EU Council to extend police powers of surveillance and pursuit, particularly in border areas.
Security 07-01-2005

Increased EU data exchange could help trace tsunami disaster victims

In an emergency meeting of EU Ministers on 7 January, the Luxembourg Presidency will push for speedy implementation of EU data exchange powers to  help in identifying tsunami victims.