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Elections 16-10-2014

Farage’s EFDD group in Parliament collapses

UKIP leader Nigel Farage's group in the European Parliament, the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD), was dissolved on Thursday (16 October) after Latvian MEP Iveta Gricule decided to leave the group.

Website to fact-check EU election campaign claims

As European politicians hit the campaign trail for the May EU elections, the online project FactcheckEU documents how truthful their campaign speeches really are.
Future EU 21-01-2010

MEPs bury the hatchet on new Commission

MEPs appear to have abandoned the quest for commissoners' scalps as political groups in the European Parliament are no longer asking for portfolio reshuffles, new auditions or the replacement of commissioners-designate, a roundup of opinions in Strasbourg revealed yesterday (20 January).
Central Europe 29-10-2009

Extreme-right seeks European unity, again

Another attempt to establish a pan-European extreme-right party was made in Budapest last weekend (24-25 October) by extremist forces from a variety of European countries, targeting better representation in the European Parliament. EURACTIV Hungary contributed to this article.
EU Priorities 2020 19-05-2009

Polish public TV promotes Libertas

Libertas, the pan-European party founded by controversial Irish millionaire Declan Ganley, appears to be wiping its election rivals from public TV stations, new air-time results show. EURACTIV Poland reports.
EU Priorities 2020 26-01-2009

Fresh faces for German Greens in EU elections

A mixture of new and established political figures will campaign for a 'new Green deal' in this summer's European elections, the German Greens decided at their European convention last weekend.
EU Priorities 2020 17-12-2008

Interview: New Socialist think tank describes EU role

Speaking to EURACTIV in an interview, Ernst Stetter, secretary-general of a newly-launched political foundation affiliated to the Socialists, urged EU politicians to adopt a different political discourse based on values to engage citizens in the European project.
EU Priorities 2020 26-11-2008

Interview: Greens’ dream turns social ahead of EU elections

The financial and economic crisis gives the Greens an opportunity to show voters that they are not just campaigning "to save trees, but people too," said Austrian Green MP Ulrike Lunacek in an interview with EURACTIV.
EU Priorities 2020 01-02-2008

British MEP thrown out of Parliament group over Nazi slur

British Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan yesterday caused outrage in the European Parliament after comparing its German president, Hans-Gert Pöttering, to Adolf Hitler, highlighting deeper unease between the Tories and Parliament's leading political group.
Development Policy 19-12-2007

Party funding reform aims to boost turnout in 2009 EU elections

The EU institutions yesterday adopted a new regulation designed to raise the profile of European political parties, with a view to raising public awareness of European issues and improving voter turnout ahead of the next European Parliament elections in 2009.
EU Priorities 2020 30-11-2007

Parliament adopts party funding reform

MEPs have agreed on reform of European political party financing and the setting up of party-affiliated political foundations, paving the way for political campaigns designed to boost voter turnout ahead of the 2009 elections.
Public Affairs 15-11-2007

Far-right group of MEPs collapses in European Parliament

The Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty (ITS) group in the European Parliament, which brought together extreme right MEPs from across the EU, has collapsed after Romanian MEPs left following insulting comments made last week by fellow group member Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of former fascist leader Benito Mussolini, it emerged yesterday.
EU Priorities 2020 28-06-2007

Brussels seeks to politicise EU debates

In response to the low turnouts in recent European elections, the Commission has decided to pour funds into political foundations at European level in a bid to politicise EU debates and make EU politics more interesting at national and local level.
Public Affairs 25-08-2005

Study: ‘Non’ made better use of internet

Websites advocating a 'No' vote in the 29 May 2005 French referendum on the EU Constitution were more numerous and formed a more tightly-knit network than those in favour of the Constitution, according to a study. 
EU Priorities 2020 26-07-2005

Young people trust EU institutions more than national ones

European institutions enjoy more trust among the European youth than the national institutions, reveals a European project on young people and political participation.
Elections 29-10-2004

EPP group hit hard by Commission withdrawal

The EPP-ED group, the biggest parliamentary group with 268 seats, refused to negotiate a Commission reshuffle and pledged its support to Buttiglione until the end. For this group, Barroso's decision is a major setback.
Elections 23-07-2004

Just three of the twenty EP’s top committee jobs go to women

Women's rights are set to be a hot issue in the next Parliament. A UKIP MEP has fanned the flames by saying that women belong in the kitchen.
Elections 21-07-2004

New EP Committee chairmen unveiled

The political groups in the Parliament have reached an agreement on the committee chairmanships. A formal vote is expected to be taken later this week.
Elections 06-07-2004

Socialists want Josep Borrell to become Parliament President

Socialists have elected Martin Schulz as their group leader and chosen Josep Borrell to be their candidate to be Parliament President.
Elections 05-07-2004

Socialists and EPP close to a deal on sharing EU top jobs

Despite attacks on the way Barroso was chosen as future Commission president, the PES expected to back him. They are are finalising a deal with the EPP to share out the top posts in the EU legislature.
Elections 02-07-2004

Polish MEP announces candidacy as Parliament President

Polish ex-foreign minister Bronislaw Geremek has put his hat in the ring to become President of the Parliament. He enjoys the support of the Greens and of the recently announced pro-European centrist group.
Elections 30-06-2004

New Eurosceptic group vows to be vocal against the Constitution

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, and Danish eurosceptic MEP, Jens-Peter Bonde have announced the creation of a new EP political group. Far-right parties are increasingly pessimistic about setting up a new group.
Elections 25-06-2004

New “Out of Europe” poltical group in the offing

Intense discussions are taking place in the Parliament in view of setting up the new political groups. Eurosceptics and pro-Europeans are set to create new groups.
Elections 18-06-2004

Socialists and EPP negotiate sharing of Parliament’s presidency

The two biggest political groups in the European Parliament are negotiating a deal to share the EP Presidency. Meanwhile, a new European Democrat party - gathering French and Italian centrists - has been lauched.