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Public Affairs 09-10-2013

Political elites: Does perception meet reality?

Political careers are becoming increasingly shorter and the revolving door between politics and the private sector spins ever faster. So is governance benefiting from ‘fresh ideas’? Or is the public in fact worse off in the long run?, asks Tomi Huhtanen.

Shake-up of European politics is as important as saving the euro

The current debt crisis that many EU countries are struggling with had a crucial impact on their political systems as well, transforming the role of the state, argues Pawe? ?wieboda from demosEuropa. The question of how can this be handled is as important as saving the euro.
Elections 11-06-2010

The left and right wing in Bulgaria

In Bulgarian politics, the right-wing has traditionally been Western-oriented and the left pro-Russian. Yet since the country's entry into the EU the differences between left and right have decreased and more pragmatic policies are being pursued, writes Bulgarian MEP Emil Stoyanov (European People's Party) in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV.
Elections 05-05-2010

Is Europe heading in the ‘right’ direction?

"Hungary's turn to the right signals a broader challenge across Europe, and not the unfortunate malfunction of one of its youngest democracies," writes Joerg Forbrig, senior programme officer for Central and Eastern Europe at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, in a May paper.