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Elections 07-10-2019

Portugal’s ruling Socialists win election but fall short of outright majority

Portugal's ruling Socialists won Sunday's (6 October) parliamentary election but fell short of an outright majority, meaning Prime Minister António Costa will need to negotiate a new deal with one or both of his far-left allies in the previous legislature.
Euro & Finance 24-02-2016

Portugal adopts anti-austerity budget despite concerns

Portugal's Socialist-led lawmakers on Tuesday (22 February) approved a 2016 budget that pledges to reverse unpopular austerity measures but is seen as high-risk by critics and investors, with Lisbon under EU pressure to stay on a disciplined path.
Elections 25-01-2016

Centre-right candidate wins Portugal’s presidential election

Centre-right candidate Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa won Portugal's presidential election yesterday (24 January), an outcome that should help maintain political balance after a dramatic swing to the left in October's parliamentary ballot.
Euro & Finance 24-11-2015

Socialist Costa to head Portuguese government with uneasy far-left backing

Portugal's president named Socialist leader Antonio Costa as prime minister on Tuesday, ending weeks of political stalemate and paving the way for the first, if potentially unstable, Socialist government reliant on the far left for its survival.
Elections 12-11-2015

Don’t compare the Portuguese and Spanish elections

Given the predicted poll results ahead of December's Spanish elections, and the crisis in Catalonia, it would be over-simplistic, and probably wrong, to compare political developments in Spain and Portugal, writes Elisa Lledó.
Elections 09-11-2015

Green light for left-wing government in Portugal

The Portuguese Communist Party has agreed to form a governing coalition with the Socialist Party. The fate of Portugal’s minority government will be decided in a vote of no confidence on Tuesday (10 November). Our partner La Tribune reports.
Elections 28-10-2015

Portugal’s new cabinet likely to be short-lived

Portugal's president accepted yesterday (27 October) the line-up of a new minority government that will be sworn in on Friday, starting the countdown on persuading the opposition-dominated parliament to accept its program or face the collapse of the cabinet.
Elections 26-10-2015

Political crisis boiling in Portugal

The Portuguese parliament is likely to reject the program of the centre-right government of Pedro Passos Coelho, plunging the country into uncertainty.
Elections 21-10-2015

Portugal’s Socialist leader expects to be named Prime Minister

Portugal's centre-right prime minister, and the head of the opposition Socialists, made rival offers yesterday (20 October) to form the next government, exacerbating the country's political stalemate following this month's inconclusive election.
Elections 13-10-2015

Portugal’s Socialist leader sees opportunity for leftist cabinet

The head of Portugal's main opposition Socialists on Monday (12 October) raised the prospect of forming an "alternative government" with two other leftist parties, after inconclusive elections saw the ruling centre-right fall short of an outright victory.
Elections 07-10-2015

Coelho faces difficulties forming government

Portugal's president asked Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho on Monday (5 October) to form a government, following an inconclusive election which denied the centre-right leader a parliamentary majority.
Elections 05-10-2015

Portugal’s ruling coalition reelected, despite austerity policies

Portugal's opposition Socialist leader Antonio Costa conceded defeat in a general election on Sunday (4 October) after exit polls and partial tallies put the ruling centre-right coalition ahead.
Elections 23-07-2015

President of Portugal calls for election, as no clear leader emerges

Portugal's general election will be held on 4 October, the president decided yesterday (22 July) as he urged politicians to ensure that the next government has a majority in parliament amid opinion polls that show no clear leader.
Elections 02-04-2015

Popular Lisbon mayor steps down to run in general election

Lisbon's Socialist mayor Antonio Costa, tipped to succeed centre-right Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho, stepped down Thursday (1 April) to fight Portugal's parliamentary elections this autumn.
EU Elections 2014 26-05-2014

Socialists win in Portugal, stay second in Spain

Portugal's main opposition Socialists won elections for the European Parliament yesterday (25 May) in an austerity-weary country which earlier this month exited an international bailout. In Spain, the opposition Socialists came second, but both centre-left and centre-right lost support compared to 2009.
Elections 12-07-2013

Portuguese president calls for early elections in 2014

Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco Silva threw the bailed-out eurozone country into disarray yesterday (July 11) after rejecting a plan to heal a government rift, igniting what critics called a "time bomb" by calling for early elections next year.
Elections 07-04-2011

Portugal seeks bailout amid political crisis

Portugal's caretaker government said yesterday (6 April) it had decided to seek financing from the European Union, in an abrupt turnaround after resisting a bailout for months despite sharply deteriorating financial conditions.
Elections 01-04-2011

Portugal sets snap election as crisis deepens

Portugal's President Aníbal Cavaco Silva dissolved parliament yesterday (31 March) and set a snap general election for 5 June, warning that the next government faced an "unprecedented economic crisis".
Elections 21-03-2011

Portugal’s government ‘likely’ to be toppled

Portugal's main opposition Social Democrats (PSD) again refused today (21 March) to back new government austerity measures, raising the risk that the minority administration of Prime Minister José Sócrates could fall after a vote just before a key EU summit to be held at the end of the week.
Elections 17-03-2011

Early election gamble further weakens Portugal

Portugal saw its credit ranking downgraded by two notches yesterday (16 March), after the country's Prime Minister José Sócrates warned earlier this week that if his cabinet were to fall over proposed austerity measures, the country would have to seek a bailout from the EU.