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Transport 05-12-2014

The European Postal Industry in 2014

The European postal industry is a key contributor to the European economy. Today, PostEurop's members directly employ 2 million people full-time and link an estimated 800 million people daily. 
Transport 24-10-2007

How to regulate the postal industry: an economic approach

Regulators and lawmakers are failing to understand the economics of the postal industry, claims the International Post Corporation (IPC) in a joint study undertaken in conjunction with the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW).
Transport 02-10-2007

EU pushes through postal services liberalisation

Member states have reached a compromise deal to liberalise postal services in the EU by 2011, following 20 years of Commission-led negotiations to open up the sector. Luxembourg and ten other member states were granted two-year exemptions.
Transport 29-05-2007

Postal services liberalisation

The EU is entering the final stages of a 15-year process to open up its postal services to competition, having overcome differences of opinion regarding the speed of liberalisation and how to ensure a universal service for consumers. The real test will however come with the implementation phase as of 2009.
Transport 26-04-2007

Interview: Parliament readies for ‘mail battle’

German MEP Markus Ferber, rapporteur on postal reform, has sided with his native country's view that the postal market should be fully liberalised by 2009. He shared his views with EURACTIV ahead of key Parliament committee votes on 2-8 May.
Transport 26-04-2007

MEP Markus Ferber ‘optimistic’ of 2009 postal liberalisation

The European institutions are currently hammering out the details of a Directive, which, if approved by EU states and the European Parliament, should lead to the complete liberalisation of postal services in Europe. German MEP Markus Ferber (EPP-ED), who is in charge of steering the proposal through Parliament, tells EURACTIV what he expects from the new rules, before the vote in plenary on 5 June 2007. Click here to read a shortened version of the interview.
Competition 17-10-2006

Commission to push for open postal markets by 2009

Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy will unveil a new proposal on 18 October 2006 to suppress lingering monopolies in the European postal services market.