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Development Policy 08-01-2018

In Kenya, struggling potato producers turn to contract farming

Sitting on a rickety bench at his home in Kipipiri, in central Kenya, Samuel Macharia pulls a piece of paper from his pocket and proudly points to the signature at the bottom.

EU to check unauthorised GM potato crops in Sweden

The European Commission has asked German chemical giant BASF to explain how the company's yet-to-be approved genetically modified (GM) potato, Amadea, was grown in Swedish fields.
Competition 02-09-2010

EU-China trade row looming over potatoes

A potentially damaging trade row has flared up between EU and Chinese trade authorities as China claims Europe has been unfairly subsidising potato starch exports.
Agrifood 03-03-2010

Commission gives green light to genetically-modified potato

In a controversial move, the European Commission yesterday (2 March) gave the green light for the first genetically-modified potato to be cultivated in the European Union.