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Development Policy 03-06-2015

Europe should ‘keep its hands off coal’, German study says

Forcible displacements, thousands of deaths and harmful CO2 emissions – the “2015 Coal Atlas”, published by Germany's Heinrich Böll Foundation, shows some of the devastating effects of coal power, calling on the EU to stand up to energy corporations. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Margrethe Vestager, Member of the European Commission in charge of Competition. 20 November. [EC]
Competition 02-04-2015

Commission to investigate ‘capacity mechanisms’ for illegal subsidies

EU state aid regulators will investigate whether European governments are paying illegal subsidies to utilities for holding power generation in reserve, EU officials said yesterday (1 April).
Energy 31-03-2015

German states challenge climate fees on outdated power plants

Sigmar Gabriel’s plans to demand climate fees from Germany's old power plants faces considerable opposition, especially from regions dependent on lignite, which claim the measure could eliminate thousands of jobs and raise energy prices. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Trade & Society 27-01-2014

Germany to cut energy rebates for industry, renewable subsidies

The German government last week agreed on far-reaching cuts to industry energy rebates and wind power generation. The plan, details of which must still be negotiated, reforms the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and was introduced by Sigmar Gabriel, the economic minister who is also in charge of energy, EURACTIV Germany reports.
Energy 20-12-2012

EU agency mulls cybersecurity measures for ‘vulnerable’ smart grids

European Union smart grid operators and energy providers need common cybersecurity measures to help them guard against attacks, says a new report by Europe's information security agency ENISA.
Energy 19-06-2012

Our vision for Europe: Reliable, affordable and low-carbon energy

Clean, reliable and affordable energy is essential to the fabric of society itself, driving successful industries and businesses, says Igor Czerny of EDF.
Energy 01-03-2012

Europe’s energy goals ‘endangered’ by permit delays

The EU’s 2020 energy targets will be imperilled if a three-year guillotine for transmission line permit appeals is watered down, the head of Europe’s electricity network operators warned yesterday (29 February) at the launch of a 10-Year network development plan.
Trade & Society 09-02-2012

China power giants go shopping in Europe

China's cash-flush state-owned power companies are going on a buying spree abroad, scooping up bargains with virtually no political opposition as Europe looks to reduce its debts.
Climate change 21-06-2011

Europe should embrace ‘clean revolution’

Companies have to courageously embrace the clean revolution but political leaders have to be ambitious enough to allow the economic certainty to invest in the technologies of tomorrow in all of the EU member states, writes Steve Howard, chief sustainability officer at IKEA, in an exclusive op-ed for EURACTIV.