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Germany needs more LNG to complement renewables, IEA says

The International Energy Agency has praised Germany's push for wind and solar power but urged the country to increase LNG imports in order to reach its 65% renewable energy target for 2030. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Energy 04-04-2018

Portugal breaks 100% renewables mark but remains isolated

Portugal produced more power from clean energy sources in March than it actually needed, marking the first time in the 21st century that renewables have topped 100% of its production. But a dearth of energy connections with the rest of Europe remains problematic.
Energy 08-12-2017

EU pins hopes on ‘regional forums’ to unlock electricity trade

A seamless pan-European energy market is still a long way off, but decisive steps can be taken now with stronger regional cooperation and the introduction of cross-border bidding zones for electricity, policymakers and industry experts argue.
Electricity 21-06-2017

Death of coal ‘might take longer than we think’, says EU’s new utility boss

The “denial phase” is over, the outgoing president of Eurelectric said as he opened the trade association’s annual convention in Estoril, Portugal on Monday (19 June).
Energy 29-09-2016

Power grid operators expect their ‘Uber moment’

Transmission system operators are struggling to fulfil their traditional mission of maintaining security of supply in a rapidly evolving environment driven by digitalisation.
Underground power cable
Energy 26-08-2015

Work begins on French-Italy power interconnector

French power grid operator RTE has started work on a new 190 km power interconnection across the Alps to Italy, in an effort to ease congestion on the existing lines to the largest importer of French electricity.
Energy 13-08-2015

German coal reserve plan may break EU rules, experts say

Germany's plans to pay companies to shift power capacity to a coal-fired reserve from 2017 may well breach EU rules, legal experts at the German parliament have found, a document seen by Reuters on Thursday showed. 
Energy 02-07-2015

Germany to shut down coal-fired plants, extend power grid

The German government will announce on Thursday (2 July) a decision to order the shutdown of several coal-fired plants in order to reach its ambitious climate goals by 2020, according to government sources.
Energy 21-01-2015

Gabriel rejects ‘senseless’ calls for surplus energy capacity

The German government says it will not provide capacity payments for fossil fuel power plants, but the country’s energy sector is insisting on assistance for its weak coal- and gas-fired power stations. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Energy 02-12-2014

France, Spain agree to let more power flow between them

France and Spain have agreed to boost the capacity of electric power lines across their border, which is well behind European targets for interconnection.
Outgoing Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger doled out harsh criticism of Germany's energy policy. [EP]
Energy 02-10-2014

Oettinger warns Germany against solo efforts on energy

Before switching portfolios, Günther Oettinger took one last opportunity to single out Germany's energy policy, warning against "ill-advised" national solutions. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Energy 31-01-2014

French body blames renewables for EU power market failures

Europe's electricity system is not living up to its promises, according to a French advisory body to the prime minister, which published a report on Tuesday (28 January) largely blaming renewable energy subsidies for this failure.
Energy 01-08-2013

Berlin to make big industry pay more for power grid

Germany will reduce exemptions that big power-using firms have enjoyed from grid fees following EU criticism that they might amount to state aid and anger among consumers that industry was not sharing the cost of a shift to renewable energy.
Energy 10-12-2012

European renewable power grid rocked by cyber-attack

A German power utility specialising in renewable energy was hit by a serious cyber-attack two weeks ago that lasted five days, knocking its internet communications systems offline, in the first confirmed digital assault against a European grid operator.