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Electricity 05-07-2019

Germany’s coal phase-out bill to be ready by end 2019

The federal economic ministry has followed the German coal commission's recommendation by preparing a draft bill to phase-out coal power generation. However, things are going too slowly, according to the Greens. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Air Quality 28-04-2017

EU clears tighter controls on power plant air pollution

The European Union on 28 April approved new air pollution limits, which could save over 20,000 lives annually through the reduction of pollution from power plants, specifically those which are coal-fired.
Energy 26-09-2013

Banks loaning to power plants should enforce strict emissions standards

As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) launches its fifth climate assessment report, international investment banks should rapidly take the initiative and apply strict emissions standards in lending to the power sector, writes Eberhard Rhein.
Energy 14-11-2012

Internal energy market: The pieces of the puzzle do not fit

The European Commission's energy market communication, to be published on 15 November, indicates that there are major obstacles to the implementation of the internal energy market by the target date, 2014, writes Georg Zachmann.