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Digital 29-11-2012

The end of the internet as we know it?

The picture of thousands Europeans protesting against ACTA is still fresh. They stopped it, but today they have an even better reason to demonstrate at the forthcoming World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT), argues Ivailo Kalfin.
Brexit 17-02-2012

David Cameron in France to sign nuclear power deal

British prime minister David Cameron is meeting Nicolas Sarkozy on Friday (17 February) to cement a £500 million (€602 million) agreement on civilian nuclear co-operation that is expected to create more than 1,500 jobs in Britain.
Energy 25-11-2011

Energy savings deal pushed back to 2012

EU energy ministers reiterated their opposition to binding energy savings targets at a meeting yesterday (24 November), leaving a political agreement for the incoming Danish presidency in the first half of 2012, EURACTIV has learned.  

German minister calls for power grid expansion

Germany will prioritise the expansion of an electricity power grid capable of absorbing a growing share of renewable energy, the country's Economy Minister Rainer Bruederle said at an energy conference in Berlin yesterday (18 January).
Energy 28-05-2010

Expansion of new energies requires massive investment in grid restructuring

The expansion of renewable energies poses a challenge to existing electricity grids. The boom in weather-dependent power sources like wind and solar requires the development of storage technologies and smart grids, write Thu-Lan Nguyen and Josef Auer of Deutsche Bank (DB) Research in an April paper.
Central Europe 19-03-2010

Czech energy giant slowly turning green

The Czech Republic's leading power company, ?EZ, has promised to turn to energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly projects, but local NGOs say it must still improve its green energy strategy. EURACTIV Czech Republic reports.
EU Priorities 2020 30-04-2009

The European Parliament: More powerful than its reputation

"Bringing citizens closer to Europe (and not bringing Europe closer to citizens) is the biggest challenge" of the upcoming elections to the European Parliament, argues Nicolaus Heinen of Deutsche Bank Research in an April paper.