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Transport 24-11-2005

Commission tables new maritime safety measures

The new rules are aimed at checking the safety of every single vessel sailing in EU waters, said EU Transport Commissioner Jacques Barrot. Companies sailing junk ships are to be blacklisted.

EU to chart comprehensive sea and coastland policy

The Commission is launching consultations for an all-encompassing approach to maritime and coastland policy aimed at developing sustainable economic activity. Sectors concerned include fisheries, tourism, energy and transport.
Climate change 06-04-2004

MEPs criticise Spanish government over Prestige disaster

MEPs have criticised Spain for its handling of the 2002 Prestige oil tanker disaster and urged the creation of an EU coastguard to prevent similar incidents in the future.
Transport 06-06-2003

Parliament adopts ban of single hull tankers quasi-unanimously

On 4 June, the European Parliament voted by an overwhelming majority to accelerate the phase-out of older oil tankers in EU waters. This vote should allow the new rules to enter into force on 1 September 2003.
Transport 05-05-2003

End in sight for single hull tankers in EU waters

On 30 April, the EP's Transport Committee approved its report on the phase-out of single hull tankers. To ensure a quick entry into force of the new rules, it did not adopt any amendments that might be subject to controversy between the institutions.
Transport 13-02-2003

Phase-out of single hull oil tankers likely to be delayed

The adoption of the Commission's proposal for an accelerated phase-out of single hull tankers, originally planned to enter into force in March 2003, is already behind schedule.
Transport 23-12-2002

Commission proposes legislation to ban single-hulled oil tankers

On 20 December 2002, the European Commission issued legislative proposals to speed up the exclusion of single-hulled oil tankers from EU waters, as promised in a Communication adopted in early December.
Transport 02-12-2002

Commission proposes tougher maritime safety rules

In response to allegations that the EU had failed to act on maritime safety, the Commission is to propose tougher maritime safety rules including a ban on 65 "floating rust buckets" from EU waters.
Transport 20-11-2002

Has the EU failed to act on maritime safety?

The shipwreck of the oil tanker "Prestige" raises new questions about maritime safety and environmental liability.