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Digital & Media 07-12-2020

Infectious diseases – A global crisis in need of new solutions

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The infographic shows the tools and new methods that European photonics researchers are developing to combat infectious diseases that rapidly detect viruses, bacteria and fungi with cutting edge light technologies.
Non-discrimination 26-11-2020

German cabinet committee agrees to €1 billion package to combat racism

The German Cabinet Committee on Combatting Right-Wing Extremism and Racism agreed to 89 measures on Wednesday (25 November). This package, worth more than €1 billion, includes more aid for victims, changes to criminal law, and the move to replace the word ‘Rasse’ (race) in the German Basic Law. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Active ageing 09-09-2019

Two-thirds of deaths of under 75-year-olds could have been prevented

In 2016, the deaths of 1.2 million Europeans under 75 were considered premature and could have been prevented, according to a report by Eurostat. EURACTIV's partner Ouest-France reports.
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Health 28-05-2018

Europe’s cancer patients call for quality Patient Educational Material

At the European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC), the annual European Week Against Cancer (25 – 31 May) is a crucial milestone in our calendar. It is an opportunity to make heard the voice of the 400 members that we represent as the largest umbrella cancer patients’ association, covering all 28 EU Member States as well as other European countries.
Health 24-11-2017

Andriukaitis: National health systems need ‘fundamental reform’

EU countries could save money and lives by increasing investment in disease prevention and health promotion, the European Commission said on Thursday (23 November), stressing that good health policy requires political will across all sectors.
Health 20-12-2016

Europe must do more to stamp out lung cancer stigma

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the EU and 267,700 people die from it each year across Europe. MEPs and cancer activists call for more to be done to tackle the burden of this disease on the individuals diagnosed, their families and our society.

Health 23-11-2016

EU citizens enjoy longer lives, but not health equality

Europeans live almost 7 years more compared to 1990, but this does not necessarily mean that these years are healthy, a new report has found.
Agrifood 25-02-2016

New EU law links animal welfare with human health

A new regulation adopted by the European Parliament’s agriculture committee aims at putting an end to outbreaks of animal diseases through a “preventive” approach.
Mary Kerins.
Health 11-09-2015

Cardiologists point to novel areas for prevention?

SPECIAL REPORT / Europe’s leading cardiologists have advised policymakers to look into unexpected areas such as e-cigarettes and personalised medicine in their efforts to prevent cardiovascular diseases.
Europe's East 29-05-2015

Getting older in Poland: European healthcare challenges

Poles are getting older. By 2050, 33% of Poland’s population will be over 65 years old, and 10% over 80. It reflects a broader trend in the whole Europe: people are living longer. EURACTIV Poland reports.
Health 20-06-2013

Policy responses to obesity failing, EU experts admit

Europe needs to find new ways of tackling obesity as traditional prevention measures clearly appear to be failing, according to EU policymakers and health experts. In just a few decades, obesity is expected to weigh heavily on Europe's healthcare systems and become the cause of many other illnesses.

Parliament to decide on waste-prevention policy

MEPs are voting in plenary tomorrow (13 February 2007) on two reports: the EU Waste Directive aims to set binding targets for waste prevention for the first time, while the 'Thematic Strategy on the Prevention and Recycling of Waste' focuses on the long-term EU waste strategy.
Health 23-06-2006

Lifestyle & Health

Smoking, drinking, bad nutritional habits and lack of physical activity are life-style related health determinants linked to a number of major health problems, such as cancer, cardio-vascular disease and obesity.

Council cautious on waste prevention

While approving the Commission's approach on waste prevention, environment ministers have avoided the thorny issues of targets. Market-based instruments have been left to Member States to decide.
Health 11-06-2003

Public spending on drugs in the European Union during the 1990s

According to the Commission, nearly one in five of the European Union population has used an illicit drug at least once. Fears over drugs and organised crime tops the "list of fears" among European citizens, with 69 per cent seeing it as the greatest threat to our society. Fighting the drugs phenomenon requires a multidisciplinary and integrated approach in the EU.
Health 18-10-2002

Survey on school-based prevention programmes in the EU

Survey on school-based prevention programmes in the EU This is a pilot questionnaire survey of 50 school-based prevention programmes carried out by the EMCDDA, the EU drugs agency, in autumn 2001. The purpose of the project was to find indicators...