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Politics 17-06-2022

Hungarian license plates on the black market / ‘Putinism’ on the rise in the Balkans

This week we are talking about a new entry into the black market: Hungarian license plates. EURACTIV’s Network Editor Vlad Makszimov is here to help us understand why they are in high demand, the current gas prices in Hungary, and...
Politics 17-02-2022

Prices on the rise and the EU-African Union partnership of equals

This week, our Beyond the Byline podcast focuses on inflation in Europe, what is driving it and why, and what role the European Central Bank in ensuring stability. I spoke with EURACTIV’s Jobs and Economy Editor, Janos Amman, to hear...

Energy prices spike and Poland is asked to protect human lives

This week the Beyond the Byline podcast is focusing on the spike of energy prices, the Commission’s monitoring of the evolution of the electricity prices, and its attempt to come up with long-term fixes like investments in energy savings and renewables as the main answer at European level.