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Economy & Jobs 23-09-2021

BeXt awards recognise sustainability alongside price and quality in consumer products

Recognising the contribution that responsible market players can make to sustainable consumption is an important role for consumer organisations. This month, Euroconsumers will celebrate the consumer brands leading the way on sustainability, price and quality at the third annual BeXt awards.
Health 05-01-2017

Novartis under scrutiny for alleged pharma scandal in Greece

The Greek government launched an official investigation into pharmaceutical giant Novartis, following the publication of allegations of corruption and bribery in national news media.
Health 20-06-2016

EU health ministers confront crisis in affordability of medicines

EU health ministers took reluctant steps last Friday (17 June) to address the rising price of medicines.
Health 06-02-2013

Parliament votes for quicker access to generic drugs

Voting on a draft law Wednesday (6 February), the European Parliament said patients should have quicker access to cheaper generic medicines. The draft rules will require national authorities to meet new deadlines and transparency standards on pricing and reimbursement.
Brexit 17-04-2012

Whisky makers expected to challenge minimum pricing rules

Moves by Scotland and England to impose minimum prices on alcohol are set for legal challenge if introduced, industry sources have told EURACTIV.
Brexit 28-03-2012

Commission prefers higher alcohol tax to combat binge drinking

The European Commission is more favourable to raising taxes on alcohol over setting a minimum price level following intense debate in Britain over Prime Minister David Cameron's proposed crackdown on binge drinking, a Commission official told EURACTIV.
Transport 12-07-2007

Parliament demands airlines advertise true flight costs

MEPs have backed a Commission plan making it compulsory for airlines to advertise real flight prices, rather than 'headline-grabbing' fare offers that fail to mention extra taxes and charges.
Energy 10-04-2007

Gas cartel dismissed at exporters forum

Gas exporting countries have dropped the idea of creating a “gas OPEC” at a meeting on 9 April 2007, but said they will further look into the issue of gas pricing.