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US Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner has met several times with MEPs in the LIBE committee to talk about US-EU data sharing
Digital & Media 29-09-2015

US slams ECJ advisor’s Safe Harbour opinion

The US government has reacted sharply to the ECJ advocate general's recent opinion on the EU-US data sharing agreement Safe Harbour, criticising its “numerous inaccurate assertions about intelligence practices of the United States”.

Germany calls in British ambassador over spy claims

Germany on Tuesday (5 October) asked the British ambassador to come to the foreign ministry to discuss a newspaper report that a covert spying station was operating in Berlin with hi-tech equipment mounted on the embassy roof.
Global Europe 28-10-2013

Fresh claims emerge in US-Germany spying row

Barack Obama knew his intelligence services were eavesdropping on Angela Merkel as long ago as 2010, according to a report published yesterday (27 October) by German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, which claims the US president did not trust her handling of the eurozone crisis.
Digital & Media 26-09-2013

Albrecht: ‘We need to give answers to the mass surveillance questions’

After a tumultuous period of data snooping scandals and accusations of US spying in the EU, Jan Philipp Albrecht, one of the leading MEPs behind the EU's draft data protection regulation, tells EURACTIV that Parliament will finalise rules by the end of its mandate, because it cannot wait.
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Data protection 25-09-2013

EURACTIV’s Interview with Jan Philipp Albrecht

After a tumultuous period of data snooping scandals and accusations of US spying in the EU, Jan Philipp Albrecht, one of the leading MEPs behind the EU's draft data protection regulation, tells EURACTIV that Parliament will finalise rules by the end of its mandate, because it cannot wait.
Digital & Media 12-09-2013

Edward Snowden nominated for EU human rights award

Edward Snowden was nominated by the Greens and GUE/NGL leftist groups in the European Parliament to receive the Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought, an idea that was first floated by a Swedish professor in August this year.
Digital & Media 09-09-2013

Guardian editor warns MEPs about ‘chilling effect’ of Prism probe on the media

The editor of the UK’s Guardian newspaper urged Members of the European Parliament last week to do more to shield the media, claiming UK government pressure over revelations in the Snowden affair would have a chilling effect on journalism.
Digital & Media 05-09-2013

Do not let Prism scandal wreck the Safe Harbour system

Reaction to the Prism scandal has been strong, but threats by Europe to break apart the Safe Harbour agreement would be counter-productive, since this helps the US authorities to punish US IT firms in breach of data rules. Indeed strong US regulatory action against a US firm would be the best way of beginning to heal the damage done by Prism, according to a former US intelligence and government insider.
Digital & Media 04-09-2013

France says it was no victim of Prism

The French Ministry for Foreign Affairs has told EURACTIV that its diplomatic network system is protected and secure, and could not have been a target for the NSA. Human rights organisations have however filed complaints against Apple, Google and Facebook.

Edward Snowden deserves the Sakharov Prize

A deserving recipient of the 2013 Sakharov prize would be the American whistleblower Edward Snowden, writes Stefan Svallfors. By exposing the US Prism spying program, Snowden made it possible for us to say ‘No – this is not a development and a society we want’, he argues.
Digital & Media 29-08-2013

Europe pushes own digital ‘cloud’ in wake of US spying scandal

The European Commission will redouble efforts to promote EU-based cloud services this autumn - including the urgent drafting of a new charter - amid mounting evidence that the US Prism spying scandal may damage the global market share of US-based tech companies involved in the cloud computing sector.
Mark Zuckerberg
Digital & Media 28-08-2013

Facebook reveals global government data snooping requests

The combined requests by EU member states for information from Facebook amounted to roughly two-thirds the number of US requests, according to global data disclosed by the social network site yesterday (27 August).

UK requests destruction of sensitive Snowden files, EU silent

The European Commission has declined to comment on whether pressure exerted by UK authorities on the Guardian newspaper to destroy sensitive documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden constituted an attack on media freedom.
Digital & Media 15-07-2013

Prism case prompts Merkel to seek tougher EU data protection laws

Chancellor Angela Merkel has vowed to push for tougher EU data protection rules and force Internet firms to be more open as she tried to reassure voters before a September election about intrusive snooping by US intelligence in Germany.
Global Europe 12-07-2013

Verheugen: EU needs to respond to external, internal chaos

The European Union needs to strengthen itself internally if it is to become a global power, two former EU commissioners and an ex-president of the European Parliament told a conference in Warsaw. EURACTIV Poland reports.
Trade & Society 08-07-2013

Kennard: We will have a ‘healthy debate’ on Prism and trade

EU and US negotiators are to hold their first round of talks on a long-term trade deal that has been overshadowed by allegations of American spying on EU offices and European governments. But Washington's envoy to the EU, William E. Kennard, foresees a "healthy debate" on trade.
Global Europe 05-07-2013

Grybauskait?: Talks on Prism and trade to be held ‘in parallel’

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskait? said trade negotiations between the European Union and the United States would start with contacts between "professional specialists” who would look into reports that a US spy agency monitored phone calls and e-mails of EU institutions and some member states.
Global Europe 03-07-2013

ECHO official: EU, US are not so different on the world stage

There is no “difference on philosophy” between the European Union and United States, says Claus Sørensen, director-general of DG Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO). He says that the Prism intelligence-gathering operation is probably similar to what some of the bigger European member states are doing, though on a smaller and less obtrusive scale.

Parliament to launch enquiry into US eavesdropping

The European Parliament on Thursday (4 July) plans to establish a special committee to investigate reports that an American spy agency monitored phone calls and e-mails of EU institutions and some member states. But some MEPs sought to downplay pressure to freeze EU-US trade negotiations over the spying allegations. EURACTIV reports from Strasbourg.
MEP Viviane Reding

Reding: Doubts over EU institutions’ data protection are a ‘red herring’

European institutions will be covered by the EU's new data protection regime, says Viviane Reding. The same rules must apply to everyone, the EU justice commissioner says in an interview, where she also discusses the brewing storm over alleged US snooping on European offices.

Reding: ‘I am still awaiting a written response’ over US, UK spying allegations

European Commission requests for clarification from the American and British governments relating to espionage allegations remain unanswered as more revelations continue to stoke European political indignation.
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Global Europe 02-07-2013

EU-US trade talks at risk after spying allegations

EU policymakers said on Monday that talks for a free trade agreement between the US and the EU might be at risk. The threat comes after reports revealed over the weekend that American spies had allegedly been wiretapping EU buildings in Brussels and Washington. Both the European Commission and the European Parliament have demanded quick clarification.
Global Europe 02-07-2013

MEPs call for freezing EU-US trade talks over spying allegations

Some EU policymakers said talks for a free trade agreement between Washington and the EU should be put on ice until further clarification from the United States over revelations that American spies wiretapped European Union buildings in Brussels and Washington.
Global Europe 01-07-2013

EU calls for US wiretapping to ‘stop immediately’

Top European Union officials have reacted angrily to revelations that the United States has wiretapped its buildings in Brussels and Washington, saying the allegations could have a “severe impact” on transatlantic trade negotiations, which were launched amid much fanfare less than two  weeks ago.