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Technology 26-09-2013

Albrecht: ‘We need to give answers to the mass surveillance questions’

After a tumultuous period of data snooping scandals and accusations of US spying in the EU, Jan Philipp Albrecht, one of the leading MEPs behind the EU's draft data protection regulation, tells EURACTIV that Parliament will finalise rules by the end of its mandate, because it cannot wait.
Trade & Society 08-07-2013

Kennard: We will have a ‘healthy debate’ on Prism and trade

EU and US negotiators are to hold their first round of talks on a long-term trade deal that has been overshadowed by allegations of American spying on EU offices and European governments. But Washington's envoy to the EU, William E. Kennard, foresees a "healthy debate" on trade.
Global Europe 03-07-2013

ECHO official: EU, US are not so different on the world stage

There is no “difference on philosophy” between the European Union and United States, says Claus Sørensen, director-general of DG Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO). He says that the Prism intelligence-gathering operation is probably similar to what some of the bigger European member states are doing, though on a smaller and less obtrusive scale.
MEP Viviane Reding

Reding: Doubts over EU institutions’ data protection are a ‘red herring’

European institutions will be covered by the EU's new data protection regime, says Viviane Reding. The same rules must apply to everyone, the EU justice commissioner says in an interview, where she also discusses the brewing storm over alleged US snooping on European offices.