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Data protection 25-09-2013

EURACTIV’s Interview with Jan Philipp Albrecht

After a tumultuous period of data snooping scandals and accusations of US spying in the EU, Jan Philipp Albrecht, one of the leading MEPs behind the EU's draft data protection regulation, tells EURACTIV that Parliament will finalise rules by the end of its mandate, because it cannot wait.
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Global Europe 02-07-2013

EU-US trade talks at risk after spying allegations

EU policymakers said on Monday that talks for a free trade agreement between the US and the EU might be at risk. The threat comes after reports revealed over the weekend that American spies had allegedly been wiretapping EU buildings in Brussels and Washington. Both the European Commission and the European Parliament have demanded quick clarification.
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Technology 12-06-2013

EU slams US over data scandal

MEPs on Tuesday slammed the US government over reports that the country's Security Agency had been snooping on EU citizen's information and called for tougher online regulations. The scandal comes after whistleblower Ed Snowden revealed last week that the US authorities had tapped the servers of internet companies for personal data.