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  • EU ratchets up pressure on US over Prism spy scheme

    News | Technology 20-06-2013

    EU lawmakers want to forbid the United States from accessing European citizens' data without the approval of a judge or equivalent authority, a response to the revelations about the Prism spy programme.

  • EU slams US over data scandal

     Video | Promoted content | Technology 12-06-2013

    MEPs on Tuesday slammed the US government over reports that the country's Security Agency had been snooping on EU citizen's information and called for tougher online regulations.
    The scandal comes after whistleblower Ed Snowden revealed last week that the US authorities had tapped the servers of internet companies for personal data.

  • Parliament expresses anger over US data scandal

    News | Technology 12-06-2013

    The European Parliament yesterday (11 June) slammed the US over the PRISM data leakage scandal and called on the EU's justice commissioner Viviane Reding to challenge US attorney general Eric Holder over the issue when the pair meet in Dublin on Thursday.