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Europe's East 07-08-2020

Ukraine expects to swap 100 prisoners with Russian-backed separatists

Ukraine expects to exchange around 100 prisoners on each side with Russian-backed separatists within weeks, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy's chief of staff told Reuters on Thursday (6 August) on a visit to eastern Ukraine.

Russian ex-prisoners speak out over torture after leaked video

After a widely shared video of guards beating an inmate shocked the country, Alexander Zarechnev is one of a growing number of Russians to break their silence over violence and torture in Russian prisons.

ECJ makes landmark ruling on prisoner extradition

The European Court of Justice has ruled that German authorities should not extradite suspected criminals to other countries, if their fundamental rights are put in jeopardy in the receiving country. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Brexit 08-03-2016

Britain is the EU’s capital of prisons

The United Kingdom jails more people and spends more money on its prisons than any other European Union country, research published today (8 March) has revealed.