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French task force leader: ‘Radicalisation is not an ideology’

"Our brain naturally links radicalisation to a religious ideology such as Islamism," Fadila Leturcq tells EURACTIV France. Before being an ideology, however, "radicalisation is a process that concerns other forms of political radicalisation, as was the case in New Zealand for example," said Leturcq, who co-chairs a radicalisation task force set up by the Institute for Advanced National Defence Studies (IHEDN). EURACTIV France reports.
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Six die in Italy prison riot over anti-coronavirus measures

Six inmates were killed in a prison riot in Italy and guards were taken hostage at another jail, as unrest spread in prisons across the country over measures to contain the coronavirus, including restrictions on visits.

Europe rights court blasts Romania prison conditions

The European Court of Human Rights on Tuesday (25 April) took Romania to task for its dismal prison conditions, saying they could be considered inhumane and degrading.

Italy aims to combat radicalisation in jails, deport more illegal migrants

Italy's government said yesterday (5 January) it would try harder to combat Islamist radicalisation in its prisons and on the internet as it defended plans to build more detention centres for migrants who have no right to stay in the country.

Council of Europe worried about Belgian prisons crisis

The Council of Europe, the continent’s oldest organisation specialised in human rights, has visited prisons in Belgium where a large number of staff were absent due to strike and therefore did not provide services to inmates.

ECJ makes landmark ruling on prisoner extradition

The European Court of Justice has ruled that German authorities should not extradite suspected criminals to other countries, if their fundamental rights are put in jeopardy in the receiving country. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Who's behind bars in EU prisons?

INFOGRAPHIC: Who’s behind bars in EU prisons?

New research published today by the Council of Europe provides a snapshot of prisoners in the EU, and where they come from.
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Britain is the EU’s capital of prisons

The United Kingdom jails more people and spends more money on its prisons than any other European Union country, research published today (8 March) has revealed.
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Juvenile offending

INFOGRAPHIC: Breaking the vicious circle for juvenile offenders

Foster care is an alternative response to juvenile offending, but only rarely used as part of juvenile justice systems in the EU.

German courts refuse to extradite prisoners to Bulgaria

German courts have declined to hand over inmates to Bulgaria due to concerns over dire prison conditions in the European Union's poorest country, authorities said yesterday (23 March).
European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg
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UK breached prisoner voting rights

The UK breached the human rights of more than 1,000 prisoners by denying them the right to vote, according to today’s ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).
The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. 2010 [Gwenael Piaser/Flickr]

Germany’s deportees cannot be held in prisons, ECJ rules

Third country citizens awaiting deportation must be detained separately from regular prisoners, the European Court of Justice ruled on Thursday (17 July), rejecting detention practices in several of Germany's Länder. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Security 11-06-2007

EU states’ complicity confirmed in CIA secret prisons

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) secretly operated illegal prisons for terrorism suspects in multiple locations in Poland and Romania from 2003 to 2005, according to a report released by the Council of Europe.
Security 24-01-2007

EU ‘aware of CIA flights’, Poland prison ‘unproven’

A European Parliament committee approved a report accusing several member states of allowing secret CIA flights over Europe, but casting doubt on claims that the CIA had a secret prison in Poland.
Security 15-02-2006

Frattini calls on member states to cooperate on CIA prison inquiry

Franco Frattini, European Justice Commissioner has called on the member states to give 'total cooperation' in the investigation of the alleged secret CIA prisons on European soil.
Security 09-12-2005

UK judges reject torture evidence

A decision from the UK House of Lords, ruling inadmissible evidence obtained under torture, has given legal backing to the fight to keep Europe free from the taint of torture.
Security 08-12-2005

Rice visit overshadowed by CIA prison allegations

With alleged CIA prisons in Europe in the focus of European interest, US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is failing, on her tour of European capitals in December 2005, to raise attention for transatlantic co-operation.
Security 29-11-2005

Frattini warns member states on secret jails

Justice Commissioner Frattini has said that should it be found that any EU country were hosting secret detention centres, he would "be obliged to propose serious consequences, including suspension of voting rights in the Council".
Security 23-11-2005

UK to probe US on CIA prison allegations

Following a request at the EU Foreign Affairs Council, the UK Presidency of the EU will seek clarification from the US on the recent claims of CIA prisons in Europe.
Enlargement 20-09-2002

New Amnesty International report might influence EU decision on Turkey

A new report from Amnesty International about torture in Turkey, released at the time when the Commission is preparing its progress report on Turkey, warns the EU that human rights reforms are not sufficient. Turkey has recently introduced new democratic reforms, including the abolishment of death penalty and more rights for prisoners in order to meet the EU's criteria for membership.