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Agrifood 25-11-2019

Land speculation squeezes out young farmers in East Germany

In East Germany, young farmers are finding it increasingly difficult to purchase land because significant investors are not acquiring land for agricultural purposes and because former GDR  cooperatives are being privatised. EURACTIV Germany reports. 
Economy & Jobs 29-03-2017

Greece agrees with lenders to sell some power plants

Greece has agreed that its main power utility, Public Power Corp (PPC), will sell some coal-fired plants as part of bailout reforms, two sources close to the talks said today (29 March).
Development Policy 18-01-2017

Fight Inequality Alliance comes to ‘corporate’ Brussels

Brussels is not a hotbed of popular mobilisation. Few rights struggles start here, but it is one of the biggest power centres in the world and it is one of the main chapters in the book on inequality, write Laura Sullivan and Jenny Ricks.
Energy 01-12-2016

Privatisation of Greek gas grid operator DESFA fails

Greece said yesterday (30 November) that talks to sell a 66% stake in gas grid operator DESFA to Azerbaijan's state-owned oil company, SOCAR, were not successful.
Enlargement 19-09-2016

Serbia’s media privatisation leaves bitter aftertaste

The privatisation of media in Serbia has left the sector looking bleak. Many media providers have been shut down, more than 1,000 journalists and other media professionals have lost their jobs, and the survival of many of the privatised media is uncertain. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Health 07-04-2016

The rising wave of privatisation damages healthcare in Europe

The austerity policies pursued in several European countries in the wake of the EU fiscal crisis are pushing the public health sector to the brink – and forcing more and more services into private hands, writes Jan Willem Goudriaan on World Health Day (7 April).
Euro & Finance 28-08-2015

Economist: Greek capital controls won’t be lifted before mid-2016

The capital controls imposed on Greek banks were unavoidable, and will not be lifted before the second quarter of 2016, Dr Nikolaos Georgikopoulos said in an interview with EURACTIV Greece.
Euro & Finance 19-08-2015

Greece approves first privatisation deal under Syriza

Greece's radical left Syriza government on Tuesday (18 August) approved its first privatisation granting a concession of more than a dozen key regional airports to Germany's Fraport-Slentel consortium in a deal worth 1.23 billion euros.
Energy 20-03-2015

Athens opposes EU energy strategy, blocks privatisations

The Syriza-led government will be against an Energy Union that undermines Greece's national interests, including in its relations with Russia, said Greek energy minister Panagiotis Lafazanis, who also ruled out any privatisation schemes for the country’s energy sector.
Euro & Finance 04-07-2014

Troika-sponsored power sector privatisation leaves Greece in the dark

Parts of Greece were hit by power cuts yesterday evening (3 July) after electricity workers began one of a series of 48-hour strikes against government plans to sell off part of the country's biggest power producer.
Euro & Finance 28-02-2014

Cyprus parliament rejects Troika-imposed privatisation plan

International aid to cash-starved Cyprus was thrown into turmoil yesterday (27 February) after its parliament rejected a privatisation plan, throwing into disarray the disbursement of a new tranche of financial assistance next month.
Euro & Finance 26-02-2014

Troika-imposed privatisation plan leaves Cyprus in the dark

Rolling power cuts are taking place throughout the Republic of Cyprus yesterday (25 February) as part of protest measures by the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) against government plans to privatise semi-governmental organisations, as agreed with the Troika of lenders.
Med & South 30-08-2013

Eurozone crisis threatens Southern Europe’s public goods

Crisis-hit southern countries are selling state-owned goods to reduce their budget deficits, with Spain mulling the privatisation of national heritage sites and Greece is under pressure to have historical buildings managed by a foreign holding company.
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Global Europe 30-08-2013

Eurozone crisis threatens Southern Europe’s public goods

Crisis-hit southern countries sell out state-owned goods to reduce budget deficits. Spain is thinking to privatise national heritage sites, while Greece is under pressure to have historical buildings managed by a foreign holding company.
Health 08-03-2012

Private role in delivering water raises questions

When the European Commission launched an investigation early this year into possible price fixing by French water utilities, the move added ammunition to campaign groups that oppose privatisation of a vital public resource.
Euro & Finance 21-02-2012

Greek bailout gambles on mass privatisations, wage cuts

The eurozone's second attempt at reversing Greece's economic fortunes will rely heavily on mass privatisations and brutal salary cuts aimed at transforming the debt-laden country into a competitive, export-driven economy by 2014, EU officials said.
Climate change 12-06-2008

EU water privatisation schemes ‘failing’

Privatisation schemes promoted by leading international organisations, including the EU, as a means of investing in water infrastructure in the world's poorest regions, are failing to deliver in terms of supply and cost, according to a new website launched today (12 June).
Transport 15-11-2007

Signals to stop in Germany and France

As railroad workers fight for higher income and the preservation of special pension schemes, strikes paralysing French and German railway systems may have severe effects on the two countries' economies, employers' federations warn. 

EU water policy under fire in developing world

The European Commission's promotion of privatisation to tackle global water problems has been rejected by 45 civil society and labour organisations from around the world, which favour increased public-sector involvement.
Transport 10-09-2002

Privatisation of railways transport

Privatisation of railways transport Estonia is the most advanced country in the region concerning the privatization of the railway industry, with the sale of 100% of EDELARAUDTEE (passengers) to a British company (GB Railways) in December 2000, and of 66%...
Enlargement 10-09-2002

Lithuanian Government Questioned on Privatization Deal

Lithuanian Government Questioned on Privatization Deal The departure of the American oil company Williams International has cleared the way for Russian oil giant Yukos to strengthen its position in Lithuania. The unexpected move may also influence the course of a...