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Health 15-02-2013

Brussels ramps up protection from hazardous products

The European Commission has moved to reduce the number of hazardous products entering the EU market with new regulatory proposals.

Towards a global life-cycle economy?

Assessing the environmental impact of products throughout their whole lifecycle - from raw material extraction to transport, consumption and final disposal - is being touted as the new mantra in environmental policymaking and sustainable business decision-making.
Health 18-04-2008

Commission says EU product safety ‘improving’

EU product safety standards are improving, according to Consumer Protection Commissioner Meglena Kuneva, who presented the results of a Commission survey yesterday (17 April). But consumer organisations say much more can be done to improve the effectiveness of EU surveillance systems.

‘Ambitious’ EU eco standards in the making

Current standards and labelling schemes for appliances and office equipment are insufficient in the light of the EU's climate change agenda and need to be expanded to a range of non energy-consuming products, according to draft Commission plans seen by EURACTIV.
Energy 22-02-2007

How many EU members does it take to change a light bulb?

The Australian government's decision to ban traditional incandescent light bulbs has inspired German lawmakers to propose similar measures for their country, but the EU has no intention to introduce similar measures in its energy-savings action plan.

MEPs call for greener product policy

The European Parliament adopted its opinion on the Green Paper on an integrated product policy on 17 January 2002. It demanded a broader and more elaborated policy.

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