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Economy & Jobs 09-03-2018

Commission levels up France on economic imbalances

The Commission highlights the progress of French competitiveness but also points out structural issues in the French economy. EURACTIV.fr reports.

Japanese-style productivity has side effects for EU automotive workers

SPECIAL REPORT / Ever since European car manufacturers tried to match Japanese-style productivity, the health and safety of the EU automotive sector has declined, say researchers.
Trade & Society 11-05-2010

EU must put single market ‘back on stage’, says Monti

The EU's 20-year-old single market is at a critical juncture and needs to be fully completed to further boost Europe's crisis-battered European productivity and competitiveness, reveals a report presented yesterday (10 May) by former Italian Commissioner Mario Monti, who was tasked with coming up with a comprehensive new strategy.
Euro & Finance 22-11-2007

Europe narrows transatlantic productivity gap

The EU outperformed the US in terms of productivity growth in 2006, but much of the gain stemmed from a cyclical upturn in economic growth, according to the 2007 EU Economy Review, presented by the Commission on 21 November.

Europe urged to adapt workforce to ageing

Migration will not provide a long-term solution to Europe's ageing crisis. Instead, policymakers must focus on getting people to have more babies while working 'longer and better', business leaders declared at the European Business Summit.

Germany, Italy ‘wasting human capital’

Some countries are “courting disaster” by allowing their human capital to stagnate through chronic underinvestment in education and high workforce exclusion, states a new study.