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Technology 20-04-2016

Decentralised ‘Silicon villages’ needed instead of a Silicon Valley

The digital age has opened up all sorts of new possibilities for innovators. With unprecedented amounts of data and constantly evolving means to make sense of it, the search for the next big thing becomes more and more intense, writes Erich Clementi.
Brexit 03-06-2010

E-finance at small firms: Little use of advanced services

Small companies in Europe are unsurprisingly behind larger firms when it comes to applying modern IT services and advanced e-finance methods – adding to the overall gap in productivity. Yet adopting online banking can be an important first step, writes Thomas Meyer, managing director of Deutsche Bank (DB) Research, in a May report.
Agrifood 16-07-2008

The new food equation: Do EU policies add up?

Following a major increase in cereal prices over the past year, the current global environment indicates that "the era of cheap food is over," write Juan Delgado and Indhira Santos in a July policy brief for the Bruegel think tank.

Germany on the way to longer working hours

This paper by DB Research looks at working hours in Germany, arguing that collective agreements must allow for greater variation in work volume: between thirty and fifty hours per week.

The European Productivity Slowdown – Causes and Implications

This CEPS policy brief paper concludes that in the short term, an increase in the labour force participation of women and the elderly is unlikely to be achieved without accepting that this expansion of employment will be accompanied by a temporary slow rise in productivity.
Technology 02-11-2004

Why is there a Productivity Problem in the EU?

This CEPS paper poses the question of whether IT – as often alleged – is really the only cause for the EU’s productivity slowdown and it argues that the slowdown comes from a reduction of non-IT capital deepening.