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Enlargement 07-11-2007

EU urges Turkish reform push

The Commission's progress report on Turkey published yesterday (6 November) adopts a softer tone compared to last year's, but continues to insist on reforms, especially in the area of freedom of expression. 
Elections 07-05-2004

Low turnout expected in EP elections

A survey shows only one-third of respondents are sure to vote in the EP elections. The lowest backing for the Constitution was in the UK and Denmark.
Enlargement 21-11-2002

Parliament says “yes” to enlargement

Following an extraordinary debate with candidate country delegates, on 20 November Parliament adopted by a large majority a Resolution on the progress towards enlargement.
Enlargement 20-11-2002

European Parliament debates with future Member States’ delegates

On 19 November, candidate country parliamentarians took part in an enlargement debate in the European Parliament for the first time.
Enlargement 18-11-2002

European Parliament prepares for historic enlargement plenary

On 19 November, for the first time, candidate country parliamentarians will take part in an enlargement debate in the European Parliament with a view to adopting a position on the Commission's country reports.
Enlargement 08-11-2002

NGO warns of serious corruption problem in candidate countries

A report on Corruption and Anti-corruption Policy, released by the Open Society Institute (OSI) on 6 November, warns that corruption is a serious and persistent problem in most Central and Eastern European candidate countries. It calls on the EU to devise ways of strengthening its own anti-corruption framework if it is to be prepared to combat corruption in an enlarged Union.
Enlargement 06-11-2002

MEPs warn the candidate countries on corruption

The draft European Parliament's report on enlargement, adopted in the Foreign Affairs Committee on 5 November, urges the candidate countries to strengthen their combat against corruption and improve the transparency of public spending.
Enlargement 17-10-2002

On the home stretch

On the home stretch The European Union’s events calendar has not been this full for a long time. Before the Copenhagen summit convenes on December 12-13, the EU aims to wrap up negotiations with, presumably, ten candidate countries. The target...
Enlargement 15-10-2002

EU Commission set stage for Big Bang enlargement

EU Commission set stage for Big Bang enlargement Yesterday, the European Commission released its annual progress reports for the candidate countries and recommended that the negotiations can be closed with ten countries (eight from the CEE region plus Malta and...
Enlargement 15-10-2002

EU Accession: D-Day Is Set

EU Accession: D-Day Is Set Relief and realism greet Brussels’ decision to open the doors of the European Union to eight Central and East European countries in 2004. Thirteen years after the collapse of what European Commission President Romano Prodi...
Enlargement 15-10-2002

Toward a Better Union

Toward a Better Union It is excellent–as well as historic–that the European Union is laying out the welcome mat for Central and Eastern Europe. The region’s aim should now be to get a better deal for the rural poor and...
Enlargement 19-09-2002

Commission might postpone enlargement report on Cyprus

The Commission might postpone the publication of its yearly enlargement progress report on Cyprus to avoid upsetting delicate peace negotiations, according to EU diplomats.
Enlargement 17-09-2002

European leaders vow to enlarge the EU on schedule

Politicians and business leaders attending the European Economic Summit in Salzburg have vowed to finish EU enlargement negotiations on schedule in December despite the unsettled issue of financing.
Enlargement 16-09-2002

Commission to issue enlargement report earlier

The Commission has announced that it would issue its enlargement progress report earlier than planned, on 9 October, in order to give the EU Member States more time to discuss it.
Enlargement 10-11-2000

CEPS: Good news about enlargement

Brussels-based think tank CEPS estimates that EU annual progress report on enlargement is remarkably upbeat.
Enlargement 09-11-2000

Commission publishes positive report on candidates

Commission President Prodi and Enlargement Commissioner Verheugen presented the Commission's annual enlargement progress report
Enlargement 02-11-2000

Commission report on Turkey to sound an encouraging note

The first EU progress report on Turkey since it became a formal candidate for membership a year ago is likely to sound an encouraging note.
Enlargement 11-10-2000

Verheugen sees 2003 as realistic for enlargement

Enlargement Commissioner Verheugen said that 2003 was a "realistic date" for EU's first enlargement.