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Regional Policy 25-07-2014

France launches EU’s first digital infrastructure ‘project bond’

A plan to provide superfast broadband to French rural areas will receive EU funding in the form of 'project bonds', EURACTIV France reports.
Pier Carlo Padoan at the Lisbon Council, 20 April 2011 [Photo: Lisbon Council / Flickr]
Euro & Finance 08-07-2014

Italy keen to push European project bonds

Italy, which currently holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, is keen to re-launch debate on long-term "project bonds" to finance infrastructure projects, Finance Minister Pier Carlo Padoan told French business daily Les Echos.
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Euro & Finance 25-03-2014

Infrastructure Investment in Europe: How can the EU support long-term investment

The European Commission is preparing to launch its response to the Green Paper on Long-Term Financing, which seeks to encourage and diversify the supply of long-term finance.
Euro & Finance 30-10-2013

Project bonds threaten financial and real earthquakes

The use of one of Europe’s first project bonds to help finance a gas storage plant off Spain’s coast has run into trouble. This does not bode well for the future use of such bonds, or the types of project that they are being used to finance, write Elena Gerebizza and Xavier Sol.
Euro & Finance 11-10-2013

First EU ‘project bond’ in Spain halted

The building of a large offshore submarine gas storage facility in Spain has been halted due to earthquakes detected in the area. The so-called Castor Project is the first in Europe to issue ‘project bonds’ for a total of €1.4 billion.
Trade & Society 02-09-2013

Spain launches first venture financed by EU ‘project bonds’

A large offshore submarine gas storage facility in Spain was the first in Europe to issue ‘project bonds’ for a total of €1.4 billion, three years after the idea was launched by European Commission President José Manuel Barroso.
Future EU 31-05-2012

Barroso prepares calendar for ‘more EU integration’

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso has said he will propose a roadmap and "calendar" for more European integration at the next summit of EU leaders on 28-29 June, without discarding the possibility of a treaty change aimed at injecting more federalism into the Union.
EU Priorities 2020 23-05-2012

‘Project bonds’ launched as an experiment

In the absence of an agreement for launching Eurobonds, the EU institutions agreed yesterday (22 May) to launch the first ‘project bonds’ as a pilot project to boost investment in energy, transport and the digital economy.
Euro & Finance 30-04-2012

EU mulls ‘Marshall plan’ for Europe

?The European Commission is preparing a €200 billion “pact for growth” to be presented at the next EU summit in June. 
Transport 20-10-2011

Barroso unveils ‘connecting Europe’ infrastructure plan

Aiming to re-launch growth and job creation, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso unveiled yesterday (19 October) a proposal to raise €50 billion for projects in the transport, energy and telecoms sector, using so-called "project bonds".
Future EU 02-05-2011

EU project bonds: More smoke and mirrors at taxpayer’s expense

European Commission proposals to introduce project bonds are beset by deficiencies and shrouded in commercial secrecy, write Isabella Besedova of the CEE Bankwatch Network in an exclusive op-ed for EURACTIV.
Euro & Finance 28-04-2011

Fitch casts doubt over EU project bonds rating

EU plans to create a market for project bonds to cover the €2 trillion of investment needed to upgrade the bloc's infrastructure by the end of the decade have received a positive evaluation from credit rating agency Fitch, but are unlikely to secure a top rating.
Euro & Finance 15-12-2010

Barroso promises to go ahead with EU project bonds

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso pledged yesterday (14 December) he would "insist" on tabling plans to introduce EU project bonds to fund infrastructure in Europe, as an alternative to the controversial idea of eurobonds.
Trade & Society 08-09-2010

Barroso backs EU bonds to finance infrastructure

The president of the European Commission unveiled plans on Tuesday (7 September) to raise new sources of finance to fund EU infrastructure projects.
Euro & Finance 19-11-2008

EU bonds spark debate as recession hits

As Europe mulls measures to tackle the worst economic crisis to hit the continent since 1929, the idea of issuing EU bonds to fund key projects and ultimately create new jobs is gathering momentum and spurring debate.