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Euro & Finance 24-10-2014

Europe’s fiscal wormhole

To prevent the misuse of money, the European Commission should vet all national investment projects, writes Guntram B. Wolff. It would be an important step toward establishing the eurozone’s missing fiscal union.
Development Policy 04-09-2014

Africa’s hidden hunger

Though great efforts have been made to tackle hunger in Africa over the past decades, chronic manutrition or 'hidden hunger' are not always visible, writes Ramadhani Abdallah Noor.
Agrifood 22-08-2014

India’s Homemade Food Crisis

India will not have enough arable land, irrigation, or energy to provide enough nutritious food to India’s future 1.7 billion people if 35-40% of food output is left to rot. The new Modi government should therefore consider alternative ways to solve India’s food crisis argue Asit K. Biswas and Cecilia Tortajada.
John Springford and Richard Lambert [Project Syndicate]
Brexit 26-06-2014

Splendid Isolation?

What is EU membership actually worth to the United Kingdom? A new report shows that the UK would have a lot more to lose than it would to gain from embarking on a different course, Richard Lambert and John Springford explain.