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Euro & Finance 15-04-2015

Draghi assaulted by protester at ECB meeting

ECB chief Mario Draghi was assaulted by a protester during a presser on Wednesday (15 April). Jumping up on the table in front of him like a karate kid while throwing confetti, the young woman shouted 'ECB dictatorship' with a German accent, before she was wrestled out of the press room by security guards.
Economy & Jobs 19-12-2014

European quarter seized by anti-TTIP protestors

EU leaders finished their summit late last night (18 December), avoiding major protests that have completely blocked the Brussels’s European quarter today (19 December).
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Economy & Jobs 16-05-2014

250 arrested in anti-TTIP protest at European Business Summit

250 protesters were arrested in Brussels on Thursday in the margins of the European Business Summit or EBS, a convention of business and political leaders.
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Europe's East 09-12-2013

Ashton to visit Kyiv amid Ukraine’s anti-government protests

60.000 people, according to the Ukrainian police. Thousands more according to unofficial sources. This bird's eye view of Kyiv's Independence square shows the anti-government rally held in the Ukrainian capital on Sunday, the biggest street protest since the Orange Revolution over 10 years ago.
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50000 trade union members protest austerity measures in Brussels

Around 50 thousand trade union members marched across Brussels on Friday to protest against austerity measures. In response to the current financial crisis, the newly formed Belgian government agreed last week to cut public spending by 11 billion euros and to liberalise labour regulations. The new budget for 2012 has been described by trade unions as "unbalanced" and "unfair".