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Armenia 03-07-2015

Armenian protests threaten regional stability

The ongoing protests over electricity prices are a danger to the Sargsyan government, according to Strafor, the global intelligence company.
Elections 12-06-2013

Erdo?an’s election strategy could set Turkey on fire

Prime Minister Erdo?an seems to have chosen a policy of high tension. By escalating his Islamic discourse, he is targeting the next election. But he is also putting his own supporters on a collision course with urban and educated young Turks, writes Zeynep Gö?ü?.
Global Europe 15-11-2012

The relevance of Israel and Gaza

This is the reality of the current round of the Palestinian-Israeli war: It matters to the Palestinians and Israelis but not to the world, beyond those who demand a world that is just and whose definition of justice is what they believe to be just, writes Stratfor.
Oil and Industry 23-10-2012

What to expect from the Ukrainian elections

Public dissatisfaction in Ukraine is rising but – paradoxically – it is “non-political”. Public willingness to join protests grow not because of the political situation, but due to worsening economic conditions, says Wojciech Kono?czuk.
Elections 09-02-2012

Romanian government falls: Plus ça change…

While the opposition may have forced the resignation of Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc, Romania is unlikely to make significant, strategic changes since the country's policies are conditioned by a much-needed agreement with the International Monetary Fund, argues Stratfor.
Elections 20-06-2011

A bittersweet victory for Gruevski

Tanja Milevska argues Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, despite a recent electoral victory, is in an insecure position due to the EU's negative assessment of the country's candidacy prospects and mass protests following the police's murder of a youth.
Global Europe 04-02-2011

Albania’s deadly riots: The latest development in a political tragedy

There is no end in sight to Albania's political crisis and January's fatal demonstrations have shaken what little faith remained among EU leaders and institutions, write Bledar Feta and Dr. Ioannis Armakolas from the 'Athens Working Group: Transforming the Balkans' at the Hellenic Centre for European Studies (EKEM).

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