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Agrifood 04-02-2015

NGOs protest EU-US trade deal with a Trojan horse

This 8 meter high inflatable Trojan horse represents TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), the free trade deal that Europe and the US are currently negotiating in Brussels. The people in suits are ‘big business lobbyists.’
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Europe's East 13-02-2014

EU calls for ‘free and fair’ elections in Ukraine

EU Enlargement Commissioner Štefan Füle called on Ukrainian leaders and opposition on Thursday to form an 'inclusive' government and urged Kiev to ensure 'free and fair elections' in the crisis-hit country. In a 3 day visit to Kiev, in which he held talks with government and opposition, Füle insisted on the need for both sides to agree on constitutional reform, potentially limiting government powers.
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Europe's East 24-01-2014

Video shows Ukrainian police hitting and humiliating protester in freezing temperatures

An unidentified video released on Youtube shows Ukrainian police hitting and humiliating a protester who is completely naked in sub-zero temperatures. The man is forced to stand naked in the snow while police officers take pictures of him before he is pushed into a police. According to the Ukrainian daily Kiev Post, the incident happened last Tuesday. The Ukrainian police has issued an official apology and the Ukrainian Interior Ministry called the police officers' behaviour 'unacceptable'.
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Europe's East 23-01-2014

Barroso to Yanukovich: There will be consequences if violence does not stop in Ukraine

As the situation in Ukraine evolves toward civil war, Commission President José Manuel Barroso proposed on Thursday to send the EU’s top diplomats to Kyiv to help dialogue and calm down the situation. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich reportedly accepted the mediation and assured Barroso that he didn’t foresee to install a state of emergency in Ukraine.
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Europe's East 16-12-2013

EU suspends talks with Ukraine over Association Agreement

'Work on hold'. With these words, EU enlargement commissioner Stefan Füle announced on Sunday via twitter that Brussels is suspending further talks with Ukraine on a landmark trade and political pact. The Commission added that Kiev needs to show a "clear commitment to sign" the deal in order to continue the discussions.
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Europe's East 12-12-2013

Ashton: Ukraine’s President Yanukovich will sign EU deal

As protestors in Kyiv continue to defy police, EU's foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton said on Wednesday that Ukraine's President Viktor Yanukovich will sign the Association agreemtn with the EU. She also added that the people of Ukraine deserve better than their current situation, while an US envoy spoke for the first time of possible sanctions against Yanukovich's regime.
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Enlargement 10-06-2013

Füle and Erdo?an diverge over democracy

As the most largest anti-government protests in Turkey’s recent past look set to enter a third week, Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an and EU Enlargement Commissioner Štefan Füle sparred over the issue at a conference held in Istanbul on Friday (7 June).
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European Business Summit highlights skills shortage, climate split

Europe runs the risk of being left behind by its global competitors because of the shortage of engineers and scientists leads to lower productivity and a loss of domestic and international trade. That's one of the key messages given on Wednesday to delegates at the European Business Summit.
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Climate change 18-05-2011

European Business Summit: Climate protesters block access

The European Business Summit in Brussels got off to a slow start this year as several hundred protesters blocked access to the conference venue in a climate protest. The demonstrators only left one door open so that climate-friendly companies could still get in. It did not take long however for Brussels police to come an in remove the protesters. Several dozen were arrested. The activists used the start of EBS to protest against the corporate influences on climate policy and the highlight the growing split between businesses when it comes to climate change.

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