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Public Affairs 25-09-2014

A roadmap to transparency and away from Sir Humphrey

The culture of European Union institutions need radical change to deliver the transparency that is vital to restore citizens' trust, writes Sophie in 't Veld.
Trade & Society 25-09-2014

Deadlocked EU transparency reform finds new impetus

EXCLUSIVE: The new European Commission must look again at the European Union’s deadlocked transparency regulation and push through long-delayed reforms, the EU Ombudsman, MEPs and a?ctivists have said.
Competition 09-09-2014

Commission wrong to deny access to interchange fee research, say EU judges

The European Commission was wrong to deny MasterCard access to research that fed into the draft regulation capping cross-border card payments, EU judges in Luxembourg ruled today (9 September).
Digital & Media 30-09-2013

Parliament VP: ‘Be careful tightening transparency measures’

European Parliament Vice-President Rainer Wieland has warned against the negative impact of new lobbying transparency measures, saying they could seriously hamper the institution's work.
Public Affairs 24-03-2011

EU struggles with being open about transparency

EU member states are reluctant to reveal whether or not they support proposals by the European Commission to overhaul EU transparency law, a media investigation carried out this week reveals, triggering fears that the European Union is becoming less accountable to citizens.  
Public Affairs 18-12-2009

Parliament pushes for all EU documents to be made public

EU access to documents laws should be widened to cover all European institutions, bodies and agencies following the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty, MEPs said yesterday (17 December), criticising the European Commission for failing to update the rules.
Public Affairs 28-04-2009

Ombudsman report highlights EU’s lack of transparency

Being refused access to documents was "by far" the most common allegation made by citizens to the EU Ombudsman last year, revealed a report presented yesterday (27 April).
Public Affairs 12-03-2009

All EU legislation should be published, say MEPs

Making all EU legislation available to the public must be a basic principle of the Union, the European Parliament decided yesterday (11 March). But MEPs delayed a legislative vote on the issue to give the EU institutions more time to reach agreement on outstanding issues, like the privacy of individuals.
Public Affairs 18-02-2009

Swedes to prioritise transparency at EU helm

The European Ombudsman yesterday (17 February) expressed his conviction that the incoming Swedish EU Presidency would make progress on making the EU more transparent and accountable to its citizens. Meanwhile, MEPs insisted that "no legislative documents should be kept secret" under a reformed access to documents policy.
Public Affairs 23-01-2009

MEPs’ attendance records set for publication

Details of MEPs' attendance in parliamentary meetings will be published on the European Parliament's website, it emerged yesterday (22 January), marking the first major development since the adoption of new guidelines on access to documents last week.
Public Affairs 15-01-2009

MEPs urge EU to boost public access to documents

The European Parliament has urged the Union's institutions to improve the public's access to EU documents, specifically calling upon the Council to make details of its debates public.
Public Affairs 30-08-2007

Public access to EU documents needs ‘serious improvement’

EU institutions need to ensure access to all documents related to the legislative decision-making process and actively to promote the publicity of proceedings to remedy scepticism towards the EU, argues the Parliament's ALDE Group in a new transparency campaign.
Public Affairs 25-07-2007

Ombudsman demands better access to EU documents

In response to public consultation launched by the Commission, European Ombudsman Paraskevas Nikiforos Diamandouros has called for citizens to have wider access to documents and information, so that they can better understand the role played by member states in making and implementing the European Union's policies.
Public Affairs 03-05-2007

Documents-access proposals receive measured welcome

As the European Commission published its Green Paper on the review of access to documents legislation on 2 May 2007, a seminar called for as many organisations and individuals as possible to join the debate, arguing that methods of recourse when access to documents is denied were "insufficient and take far too long".
EU Priorities 2020 19-04-2007

Brussels opens debate on public access to EU documents

The Commission has adopted a Green Paper on citizens' access to the EU institutions' documents, opening a three-month public consultation on the issue.
Public Affairs 27-07-2006

Public awarded greater say over EU environmental law

Public participation in environmental decision-making is to be strengthened after EU Ministers agreed to the principles of the Aarhus Convention. But they stopped short of allowing NGOs the right to drag member states to court.
Security 13-07-2005

EU Privacy Supervisor: After London terror, don’t give away freedoms

In tension situations, such as after the London bombings, lawmakers should refrain from rushing into privacy-invasive measures, says Peter Hustinx, the European Data Protection Supervisor, in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV. 
Security 13-07-2005

EU supervisor: Privacy and transparency are complementary, not competing

EU Data Protection Supervisor Peter Hustinx has presented a report that tries to strike a delicate balance between the fundamental rights of access to documents and of data protection. In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, Mr. Hustinx commented on the paper and on other EU data protection issues. 
EU Priorities 2020 09-01-2004

More pressure on Council to open up deliberations to the public

The European Ombudsman has begun looking into an MEP's complaint that the Council's Rules of Procedure do not allow sufficient public access to information on the latter institution's deliberations.