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Economy & Jobs 01-06-2021

Private equity industry ready to finance recovery

Europe’s private equity industry stands ready to finance the recovery and contribute toward climate neutrality and digital leadership. Eric de Montgolfier is the CEO of Invest Europe.  How has your industry been coping with this health and economic crisis? With...
Economy & Jobs 18-12-2020

European Investment Bank: the unseen rise of a cohesion giant

Having undergone a significant transformation that raised its public profile, the European Investment Bank (EIB) is set to occupy an increasing role in bridging development gaps between the EU’s regions while raising funds for greening, but public finance watchers warn ...
Economy & Jobs 23-07-2018

Political scientist: Germans are used to V4’s strong “No” from time to time

The EU's stand on migration policy is moving towards the demands of the Visegrad group, one of the best functioning groups in the bloc, says Dr Kai-Olaf Lang, adding that in many respects, Germany and V4 are much closer to each other today than Germany and France.

A strong public service is even more needed in times of crisis

Yes, European countries have to cut public spending in order to put their finances back in shape. But this should not compromise essential public services such as education, health care or tax collection, writes Klaus Heeger of the European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI).

Brussels steps up efforts on pension reform

As pension reform reaches the top of the EU agenda to counter market speculation over the sustainability of public finances, a pool of eight commissioners is set to meet for the first time on Friday (11 June) to give the green light to a comprehensive roadmap centered on "adequacy" and "long-term sustainability".
Euro & Finance 22-01-2010

Greece ‘will not leave euro’, says central banker

Greece has serious fiscal problems and will be in a better position to deal with them as a member of the euro zone than outside the currency club, the country's central banker said today (22 January).

Academic: Public-private partnerships ‘cost more, deliver less’

There is no evidence that collaboration between governments and the private sector can help cut the cost of major infrastructure projects, a leading health policy expert told EURACTIV Slovakia. David Price of Edinburgh University said public-private partnerships (PPPs) ultimately cost more and deliver worse outcomes.
Brexit 17-09-2009

EU spending cuts ‘just a matter of time’

Economists say some European countries will follow the UK's example of making tough choices on public spending sooner or later.
Euro & Finance 21-11-2008

Towards a European recovery programme

The financial crisis requires "exceptional policy responses in order to preserve jobs, livelihoods, financial stability and ultimately political support for open markets," write Jean Pisani-Ferry, André Sapir and Jakob von Weizsäcker of the Bruegel think-tank in a November paper.

ECB says public spending should be cut

A number of EU governments could slash their spending by more than a quarter and still provide top-quality public services, said a senior official at the European Central Bank, in what could be viewed as an incursion into member states' fiscal policy.

Corporate tax ‘race to the bottom’ hurts EU growth

Both industrialised and developing countries will face a “major public funding crisis” unless governments stop the race to lower business taxes, according to a report from the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions.
Euro & Finance 06-02-2006

Germany set to publish final deficit figure for 2005 at end of February

Berlin’s plans on how to bring its long-running excessive deficit below the EU’s 3% limit are due on 22 February.
Euro & Finance 24-01-2006

Standard & Poors: Bail-out of a eurozone country is unlikely

The potential for eurozone members to bail out one of their number in the event of financial distress is very limited, says a report by Standard & Poor's Ratings Services.
Euro & Finance 11-01-2006

Commission set to criticise UK deficit

The Commission is set to take a dim view of the UK's third year in a row with a deficit of over 3% of its GDP and may conclude, on 11 January, that the UK is in breach of the Maastricht Treaty and refer the matter to the Council.
Euro & Finance 02-06-2005

Euro slips further after Dutch ‘nee’ to Constitution

The euro fell to an eight-month low after the Dutch referendum vote as the Commission renewed its call on member states to work within the revised stability pact's rules to improve the quality and sustainability of their public finances.
Euro & Finance 22-10-2004

Netherlands’ public deficit back on track

The Council is satisfied that the Dutch 'excessive deficit' is back under control and is calling for a detailed report on Greece's deficit and debt data going back to 1997 to be ready in time for the next EcoFin meeting.
Euro & Finance 22-05-2003

Commission warns over euro zone deficits

The Commission warned on 21 May that euro zone countries with large public deficits will have trouble balancing their budgets by 2006 or 2007 unless they adopt fresh measures.