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Health 05-05-2008

Security and cross-border care ‘to dominate EU health agenda’

Tackling health threats such as avian flu and ensuring safe, efficient and equitable access to cross-border healtcare will be top priorities of the EU public health policy agenda in the years to come, predicted the Commission's public health director, Andrzej Ry?, in an interview with EURACTIV. 
Health 01-12-2006

Council calls for broad action on health determinants

EU health ministers call for broad action to tackle lack of physical activity, smoking, unhealthy diets and other 'societal' health determinants, as individuals' capacity to control them is sometimes limited.
Health 04-08-2006

Finns have heavy health agenda ahead

In addition to promoting 'Health in all Policies', the Finnish Presidency is expected to hammer out political agreements on Health programme 2007-2013, medical devices and advanced therapies.
Health 01-02-2006

MEPs want health and consumer protection programmes kept separate

Two EP committees agree with health and consumer stakeholders that the Commission proposal to merge health and consumer protection programmes should be rejected.
Health 22-09-2005

EcoSoc hearing casts doubt on health and consumer programme

National and European level consumer organisations have opposing views on the EU's future health and consumer protection programme.
Health 20-10-2004

Stakeholders contribute to health strategy debate

In their contributions to the consultation on future EU health strategy, stakeholders have called for better co-ordination between public health and other policy areas, the need for more comparable data on the impact of investments in health and further debate on healthcare.
Future EU 16-07-2004

Commissioner Byrne launches ‘Europe of Health’ debate

The Public Health Commissioner has launched a reflection process on the future of EU health policy.
Health 20-03-2003

Commissioner Byrne launches EU public health action programme

The EU's public health programme, launched on 18 March, has a budget of over 312 million to improve health information and rapid reaction to health threats, as well as to address health determinants.
Health 10-05-2002

Conciliation agreement on new EU public health programme

On 8 May 2002, the conciliation committee of the European Parliament and the Council agreed on a new EU programme on public health which will replace the existing eight programmes.
Health 23-11-2001

MEPs want more money for new public health programme

The Parliament's environment committee wants to increase the funding for the new Community action programme for public health (2001-2006). In its second reading on 20 November 2001, the EP committee went against the Council's common position and demanded an increase of the funding for this programme to 380 million euro.
Health 06-06-2001

Health ministers adopt new public health programme

Health ministers adopt common position on new Community action programme for public health and issue recommendation on alcohol