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Agrifood 21-05-2019

EFSA boss: Next time we should also assess consequences without glyphosate

The next re-authorisation process for the controversial glyphosate weedkiller should also include an assessment of a potential ban of the substance in terms of food availability, biodiversity and farmers’ income, Bernhard Url told EURACTIV.com in an interview.
Enlargement 01-11-2007

Demiralp: ‘Turks increasingly distrustful of EU membership process’

Turkish public opinion towards the EU is best described as ‘distrustful’ rather than ‘pessimistic’, Mustafa Oguz Demiralp told EURACTIV Turkey in an interview. He was speaking ahead of the publication of the Commission’s latest annual progress report on Turkey’s accession process, due on 6 November.
EU Priorities 2020 26-10-2007

Boucher: ‘Possible to get citizens interested in EU’

Due to their recommending force, deliberative polls can act as incentives for politicians to take action, says Stephen Boucher from Notre Europe. Such polls could also help to bridge the gap between the EU insitutions and its citizens, and increase acceptance for economic and social reforms, Boucher argues in an interview with EURACTIV.