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Refugee crisis: Easy solutions cause big problems?

Immigration policies often miss that migration is not only a matter of managing an influx of people. A social complexity perspective contributes to a more systemic view, write Dr. Wander Jager and Rocco Paolillo.
EU Priorities 2020 14-05-2009

The European Commission 2004-09: A Politically Weakened Institution?

The European Commission has been "politically weakened" under President José Manuel Barroso's stewardship, suggests a European Policy Institutes Network (EPIN) report compiled by national experts from 25 EU member states.
EU Priorities 2020 22-04-2008

Mending Relations: America’s Image in Europe

With US presidential elections looming, it is necessary to manage the expectation of change in US foreign policy to heal the transatlantic rift, says John Glenn of the German Marshall Fund of the US in a March 2008 paper, using the 2007 Transatlantic Trends survey to gather opinions on both sides of the Atlantic.
Central Europe 09-05-2007

European public’s views on Turkey’s EU accession.

With both EU governments and citizens deeply divided over the issue of Turkey’s EU accession, this CEPS paper  takes an in-depth look at attitudes towards Turkey, examining the key elements in determining support for and against EU membership.
Public Affairs 04-04-2006

Analysis: ‘Europe in Dialogue’ – the EU communication policy

The 15th issue of “EU-Nachrichten”, published by the German representation of the EU Commission, deals with the white paper on a European communication policy presented by the Commission on 1 February 2006.   Concentrating on Germany and German actors, this issue presents examples of and proposals for the debate.   The complete version of this publication is available in German.
Climate change 18-04-2003

EU accession: sentiment ranges between confidence and uncertainty

All the potential new members will conduct a referendum on accession. Depending on the country, the referenda are either more or less "public opinion surveys" or binding on parliament. In most cases, the citizens of these countries see EU membership in a positive light.