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  • EU worried about waning public image of renewables

    Energy 06-10-2010

    The European Commission is looking into mechanisms to boost public acceptance of renewable energy projects to meet its climate goals, but behavioural scientists warn that obvious solutions like individual compensation do not always work.

  • Greens get thumbs up in deliberative poll

    EU Priorities 2020 04-06-2009

    Following a weekend of debate ahead of the EU elections, over 350 citizens participating in the second pan-European deliberative poll have voiced growing support for the Greens, eroding the leadership of the two big European Parliament political groups, the centre-right EPP-ED and the Socialists.

  • The European Commission 2004-09: A Politically Weakened Institution?

    EU Priorities 2020 14-05-2009

    The European Commission has been "politically weakened" under President José Manuel Barroso's stewardship, suggests a European Policy Institutes Network (EPIN) report compiled by national experts from 25 EU member states.

  • Mending Relations: America’s Image in Europe

    EU Priorities 2020 22-04-2008

    With US presidential elections looming, it is necessary to manage the expectation of change in US foreign policy to heal the transatlantic rift, says John Glenn of the German Marshall Fund of the US in a March 2008 paper, using the 2007 Transatlantic Trends survey to gather opinions on both sides of the Atlantic.

  • Turkey’s EU membership talks move forward

    Enlargement 20-12-2007

    Despite ongoing tensions with France, the EU has decided to continue accession talks and opened two further negotiation chapters with Turkey on Wednesday (19 December).

  • New approaches to researching public opinion

    EU Priorities 2020 13-11-2007

    Public opinion research is increasingly employed by politicians not just during election periods, but also to ensure public backing of important policy proposals. The Commission's revised strategy on communication seeks to introduce new methods of using the Eurobarometer, as public opinion research adapts to new communication technologies.

  • Public support for EU treaty low in Ireland

    EU Priorities 2020 05-11-2007

    Only 25% of Irish citizens would currently vote in favour of the Lisbon Treaty about to be signed by EU leaders on 13 December, according to a recent poll, which also showed many voters still need to make up their minds ahead of a referendum on the new EU treaty.

  • Interview: Turks increasingly ‘distrustful’ of EU membership process

    Enlargement 01-11-2007

    With the European Commission set to publish its annual progress report on Turkey's progress towards EU accession on 6 November, Turks themselves appear to be increasingly distrustful of the EU executive's enlargement policy. Turkish Secretary General for EU Affairs Mustafa Oguz Demiralp spoke to EURACTIV Turkey in an interview. 

  • Demiralp: ‘Turks increasingly distrustful of EU membership process’

    Enlargement 01-11-2007

    Turkish public opinion towards the EU is best described as ‘distrustful’ rather than ‘pessimistic’, Mustafa Oguz Demiralp told EURACTIV Turkey in an interview. He was speaking ahead of the publication of the Commission’s latest annual progress report on Turkey’s accession process, due on 6 November.

  • Boucher: ‘Possible to get citizens interested in EU’

    EU Priorities 2020 26-10-2007

    Due to their recommending force, deliberative polls can act as incentives for politicians to take action, says Stephen Boucher from Notre Europe. Such polls could also help to bridge the gap between the EU insitutions and its citizens, and increase acceptance for economic and social reforms, Boucher argues in an interview with EURACTIV.

  • Interview: ‘Possible to get citizens interested in EU’

    EU Priorities 2020 26-10-2007

    In an interview with EURACTIV, Stephen Boucher, from the think tank Notre Europe, argues that it is possible to engage citizens and explains why public opinion matters in EU policy-making.

  • Europeans want stronger EU role on world stage

    EU Priorities 2020 07-09-2007

    A recent poll shows that Europeans are in favour of stronger engagement in foreign policy by the EU and share concerns with US citizens on climate change, energy dependence and international terrorism.