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Economy & Jobs 02-06-2021

EU member states overcome nine-year blockade on procurement instrument

EU countries reached an agreement on Wednesday (2 June) on the instrument first proposed in 2012 to ensure that European companies have access to third countries’ public procurement markets as foreign companies enjoy in Europe.
Health 27-05-2021

EU asks for big penalties against AstraZeneca over dose delays

The European Union on Wednesday (26 May) asked a Belgian court to impose penalties running to millions of euros per day on AstraZeneca for COVID-19 vaccine doses it has failed to deliver to the bloc.
Elections 26-05-2020

Polish health minister denies wrongdoing in mask procurement spat

Polish Health Minister Lukasz Szumowski denied on Monday (25 May) any wrongdoing as he reacted to accusations of inadequate supervision over procurement of equipment to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.
Economy & Jobs 05-04-2019

LEAK: Europe puts pressure on Beijing ahead of EU-China summit

The European Union is ready to refuse signing a joint statement with China at a bilateral summit next Tuesday (9 April), as Europeans request stronger commitment from Beijing on the economy, trade and human rights, according to official EU notes prepared in advance of the summit.
Economy & Jobs 03-04-2019

EU’s procurement reform faces uphill struggle

A proposal to introduce stricter criteria for foreign bidders to access Europe's multi-billion public procurement market remains deadlocked, as a strong majority of member states remain unconvinced about the benefits of the plan.
Brexit 28-02-2019

UK agrees WTO procurement membership post-Brexit

The UK agreed its first major post-Brexit trade pact on Wednesday (27 February) when the World Trade Organisation confirmed that the UK will join the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) as an independent member if it leaves the EU without a Brexit agreement.
Agrifood 26-06-2018

School canteens find it difficult to be supplied with local products

Local farmers are increasingly sought after by catering establishments, which want to improve their food supply and enhance local production. However, public procurement rules hinder their plans. EURACTIV.fr reports.
EU-China 27-03-2018

Croatia’s Bosnia-bypass bridge progresses as Chinese bid gets green light

An EU-funded bridge project that will connect Croatia's southernmost tip with the rest of the Adriatic nation moved up a gear on Monday (26 March), when a public procurement body signed off on a Chinese company's construction bid.
Economy & Jobs 28-07-2017

China’s new Silk Road risks unravelling in Hungary

China’s planned railway link between Greece and Central Europe has hit difficulties after the project was accused of flouting EU rules on public procurement in Hungary. EURACTIV’s partner Italia Oggi reports.
Economy & Jobs 04-04-2017

EU wants to tackle public procurement ‘imbalance’ with foreign countries

The European Commission has raised concerns about the limited access EU companies get to public markets abroad, proposing measures to tackle the “imbalance”.
Energy 09-01-2017

Commission notes cast doubt over approval of Russian-backed nuclear project

EXCLUSIVE/ The European Commission was prepared to spoon-feed arguments to Hungary to close an investigation into the controversial €12 billion Paks II nuclear plant project, according to documents obtained by EURACTIV.com
Trade & Society 21-04-2016

Public procurement could be next TTIP deal breaker

As EU-US negotiators prepare for a new round of transatlantic trade talks in New York next week, officials fear TTIP might run into a new brick wall: Public procurement.
Transport 13-10-2015

Direct subsidies can spur green transport innovation, regions told

Handing subsidies, including EU funding, directly to local governments - rather than to industry - can spur green innovation in public transport, regional leaders were told today (13 October).
Central Europe 30-01-2015

Romanian leaders endorse the Commission’s monitoring report conclusions

The new European Commission report on Romania’s law enforcement reforms has been well-received in Bucharest, as it confirms the progress made in the government's fight against corruption. EURACTIV Romania reports.
Central Europe 13-11-2014

Confiscation of criminal profits reluctantly applied in Romania

SPECIAL REPORT: The European Commission considers confiscation a strategic priority in the fight against organised crime and corruption. However, Bucharest is still hesitant to introduce this practice. EURACTIV Romania reports.
Fraud [Georgi Gotev]
Central Europe 11-11-2014

Fraud complainants in Romania face €100,000 bill

SPECIAL REPORT: Romanian public procurement legislation was modified significantly this year by the government, which introduced restrictive conditions for lodging a complaint against suspected fraud. EURACTIV Romania reports.
Central Europe 10-11-2014

Journalism project uncovers public procurement fraud in Romania

SPECIAL REPORT: Public procurement in Romania is a €17 billion market, but more than 60% of procedures are hit by complaints. A new project has highlighted fraud and irregularities in the system, and suggested how to improve the situation. EURACTIV Romania reports.

EU brings innovation into public procurement rules

The European Parliament has updated EU rules on public procurement on Wednesday (15 January), introducing new provisions allowing for environmental, social considerations and innovation to be taken into account when public contracts are awarded. The move is not aimed at privatising public services, MEPs insisted however.
Global Europe 21-09-2012

EU, China leaders agree to disagree

With a trade dispute over subsidies, arms embargo and the market economy status looming in the background, EU and Chinese leaders ended their last summit with Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, making little progress on substance but promising to work towards an EU-China Investment agreement.
Trade & Society 09-03-2012

EU to confront China with ‘reciprocity’ in public contracts

Tired of seeing European companies blocked from Chinese public tenders, the European Commission is preparing plans later this month that will allow individual EU countries to bar foreign bids from countries that refuse to open up their public procurement markets, EURACTIV can reveal.

EU bets on social business to boost growth

Convinced that economic growth patterns of the past will not be viable in the future, the European Commission has started a crucial dialogue with stakeholders to ensure that social enterprises are given the means and the recognition to grow, as it is fully aware that policies alone are not enough.
Competition 02-11-2010

Commission resists calls for new rules on social services

The European Commission sees no need for major changes to EU legislation affecting social services, despite pressure from politicians and social NGOs who claim that current rules cause problems for public authorities and service providers.
Digital & Media 11-10-2010

EU to push patent-free eGovernment

The European Union is on the cusp of writing public procurement rules which favour patent- and royalty-free technologies, according to software giants who argue that the rules echo Chinese public procurement laws. 

Innovation hampered by ‘risk averse’ public authorities

Tapping into Europe's multi-billion euro public procurement market will be a central component of the EU's forthcoming research and innovation plan, but risk aversion in the public sector remains a major barrier to change.