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Technology 10-02-2021

German government will make more data publicly available with new law

The German government wants to create a culture of open data sharing - and is setting a good example. The second Open Data Act, which the cabinet passed on Wednesday (10 February), expands the obligations of public authorities to make their data available to the general public. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Technology 04-03-2016

Europe needs to get serious about open data

Saturday (5 March) is Open Data Day, and Paul MacDonell calls for EU member states to commit to opening data in the public sector, as the potential benefits are huge.
Public Affairs 25-02-2008

The evolving role of regional representations in Brussels

Brussels can be considered the world capital of lobbying for local and regional authorities, but the activities of their representations distinguish them from classic interest groups and lobbies, argue Michel Huysseune and M. Theo Jans of Brussels Studies.
Technology 30-01-2008

E-gov: When the town hall has all the answers you need

The European Commission has just nominated the "Hands" project, aimed at facilitating communication between citizens and public administrations, as the best e-government initiative of 2007. But while "Hands" is yet to be applied, for over a year citizens in the Belgian city of Waterloo have been able to ask for information from the town hall through an easy-to-use robot.
EU Priorities 2020 27-08-2003

Parliament committee stays tough on re-use of public sector information

The Parliament's industry committee adopted in its second reading nine compromise amendments to the Council's common position on the re-use of public sector information.
EU Priorities 2020 27-08-2003

Commercial exploitation of public sector information

The Commission wants to establish a European framework for the commercial exploitation of public-sector information. This minimum harmonisation should provide a degree of legal certainty for the market players while leaving Member States free to choose how to adapt the provisions to local circumstances. Main issues in the debate are the level of harmonisation (obligation versus encouraging the re-use of the information, the charging principles (for free or at costs price), and issues of intellectual property. With this proposal, the Commission wants to stimulate the development of a European market for digital content products and wireless content services.
EU Priorities 2020 28-03-2003

Council concludes deal on re-use of public sector information

The Union's telecommunications ministers reached a political agreement on 27 March on a draft Directive on the re-use of public sector documents.