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Trade & Society 03-02-2016

Parliament sets red lines for TiSA negotiations

The European Parliament on Wednesday (3 February) adopted a number of recommendations - their red lines and blue lines - for the ongoing negotiations over the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA).

Brussels eases grip on local public services

Public services provision in Europe is set to be radically liberalised from bureaucracy but will at the same time come under more scrutiny from the EU executive following two proposals tabled by the European Commission yesterday (20 December).
Competition 24-03-2011

EU seeks clearer state aid rules for public service utilities

A European Commission communication on state aid rules for public service utilities – ranging from water supply to energy provision – was welcomed yesterday (23 March), though proposals to clarify such rules may prove thornier when further details emerge later this year.
Health 18-11-2009

Recession sparks mental health crisis

Demand for mental health services has increased over the past 12 months as people struggle to cope with unemployment, debt, home repossession and threat of redundancy, according to a new study.

Finnish administration to boost distance services

Video-conferencing and other teleservices can bring public administration closer to the citizen, save time and reduce travel's carbon footprint, argues a recommendation addressed to Finland's public administration.
Digital & Media 30-01-2008

E-gov: When the town hall has all the answers you need

The European Commission has just nominated the "Hands" project, aimed at facilitating communication between citizens and public administrations, as the best e-government initiative of 2007. But while "Hands" is yet to be applied, for over a year citizens in the Belgian city of Waterloo have been able to ask for information from the town hall through an easy-to-use robot.
Transport 21-11-2007

Scaled-down public services proposal under fire

The Commission's decision to scale down its ambitions for public service regulation has been met with contempt by trade unions, public employers, NGOs and the Socialist Group in the European Parliament.

Public services ‘safeguarded’ in draft EU Treaty

A broad alliance of organisations, ranging from the Committee of the Regions to trade unions, has welcomed provisions on public services in the draft mandate for the Intergovernmental Conference (IGC), which will negotiate a new EU Treaty.
Transport 11-05-2007

MEPs back new rules for public-transport tenders

The European Parliament put an end to seven years of negotiations on 10 May 2007, by adopting a compromise text on how public transport service contracts should be awarded in member states.

Stakeholders urge EU legal framework for public services

The Socialists, backed by unions and social NGOs are urging the Commission to come up with a concrete EU legislative proposal on public services to ensure that public interest comes before commercial profit.

Interview: ‘Revised procurement rules essential for EU’

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) can help member states raise the funds they need to implement essential EU policies. But flawed and opaque public procurement rules are hindering their development, says PPP expert.

Trade unions want public services protected

European trade unions have launched a Europe-wide petition calling on the Commission to establish rules to protect public services that are vital to the health and well-being of citizens.

Parliament demands clarity on public services

Parliament tells the Commission to clearly distinguish services of 'general interest' from services of 'general economic interest' and to adopt legal rules accordingly.

Expert group calls for public procurement to boost innovation

A recent expert report argues that public sector demand for new products and services can boost innovation and increase investment in and take-up of related R&D.
Competition 22-05-2003

Commission adopts Green Paper on services of general interest

On 21 May, the Commission released its consultative Green Paper on services of general interest.