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Global Europe 09-05-2022

MEPs ask that frozen Russian billions be used to rebuild and arm Ukraine

Seventy-three MEPs have called for $300 billion in seized Russian funds and assets to fund the Ukrainian military and the country's reconstruction in a letter sent to EU chief diplomat Josep Borrell. 
Europe's East 03-05-2022

Hungary shrugs off Ukrainian allegations it was warned of the war by Kremlin

Hungary dismissed as "fake news" allegations made by a high-level Ukrainian official that Budapest had been warned by Russian President Vladimir Putin of his intention to invade Ukraine and was even planning to annex part of its neighbour's territory.
Politics 28-04-2022

Putin drives wedge between prime minister and president in Bulgaria

The Kremlin’s decision to cut off gas to Bulgaria has wholly exposed the positions of the leading political players in Sofia and caused a complete rupture in relations between Prime Minister Kiril Petkov and President Rumen Radev. Radev sharply attacked the government...
Global Europe 06-04-2022

Breaking ranks with EU, Hungary ready to pay for Russian gas in roubles

Hungary said on Wednesday (6 April) it was prepared to pay roubles for Russian gas, breaking ranks with the European Union which has sought a united front in opposing Moscow’s demand for payment in the currency. Hungary will pay for...
Politics 15-03-2022

Russian invasion muddles Hungarian elections

Thousands of Hungarians were set to join various events in Budapest to mark the start of the 1848 uprising. This year's celebration of the event takes on particular significance as Moscow's invasion of Ukraine looms large over April's general polls.

In Moscow, Orbán offers ‘Hungarian model’, blasts idea of sanctions

Amid simmering tensions between the West and Russia, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán blasted the ineffectiveness of the EU's punitive sanctions on Moscow and hailed his successful relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Global Europe 19-11-2021

Putin says West taking Russia’s ‘red lines’ too lightly

President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday (18 November) that the West was taking Russia's warnings not to cross its "red lines" too lightly and that Moscow needed serious security guarantees from the West.
Europe's East 21-10-2015

No European army now, says S&D VP

During a meeting with journalists on Tuesday (20 October), Knut Fleckenstein, the Vice-President of the Socialists and Democrats, said that now was not the time to discuss a European army, arguing that it would provoke Russia.
L’adversaire de Vladimir Poutine sur la photo n’est autre qu’Arkadi Rotenberg, concerné directement par les nouvelles sanctions européennes, 11 septembre 2011 [Jedimentat44/Flickr]
Europe's East 31-07-2014

Putin’s judo partner hit by EU sanctions

The European Commission has published the names of eight Russians, including some of President Vladimir Putin's associates, and three companies which will have their assets frozen as part of sanctions against Russia's actions in eastern Ukraine.
Europe's East 07-03-2014

EU blamed for mishandling Ukraine trade pact agreement

EXCLUSIVE / The EU finds itself in the embarrassing situation of having mishandled a deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Ukraine’s landmark Association Agreement, and the new Kyiv government is furious, EURACTIV has found. 
Global Europe 07-03-2014

Putin and Obama discuss Ukraine and ‘Realpolitik’

In a telephone conversation with US President Barack Obama, his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin pleaded that Russian-US relations should not be sacrificed by “disagreements on individual issues”, such as Moscow's de facto annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.
Europe's East 04-02-2014

Russia, West say new Ukraine government is condition for aid

The United States and the European Union are in preliminary discussions on possible financial assistance for Ukraine once a new government is formed, a State Department spokeswoman said yesterday (3 February). Russian President Vladimir Putin has also said Moscow would wait until a new government was formed before releasing aid to Ukraine. 
Global Europe 29-01-2014

Spirit of ‘détente’ prevails at EU-Russia summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his EU hosts appeared in a conciliatory mood following a two-hour summit held in Brussels on Tuesday (28 January). Surprisingly, Putin made no political accusations against the EU for meddling in its neighbourhood, and obtained bilateral consultations aimed at reassuring Russia on the economic consequences of the EU’s Eastern Partnership initiative.
Armenia 03-12-2013

Protestors boo Putin in Armenia

Hundreds of people marched through the capital of Armenia yesterday (2 December) to denounce visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin and protest against plans to join the Moscow-led Customs Union.
China 03-12-2013

Yanukovich flies to China, Russia as Ukraine crisis deepens

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich is set to head to China today (3 December), leaving a country plunged into crisis by his decision to forego a free trade deal with the EU under pressure from Russia. After China, Yanukovich will travel to Russia, his prime minister confirmed.
Europe's East 22-11-2013

Opposition leader: Yanukovych traded Ukraine’s EU future for $20 billion

Ukrainian opposition leader Arseny Yatsenyuk said that the country’s president, Viktor Yanukovich, had traded the country’s EU future against guarantees from Russia concerning his re-election in 2015, lower gas prices and $20 billion.
Global Europe 09-09-2013

Russian opposition leader denounces ‘falsifications’ at Moscow election

An ally of President Vladimir Putin was heading for victory in a Moscow mayoral election on Sunday (8 September) but opposition leader Alexei Navalny's unexpectedly strong showing could alarm the Kremlin and fuel Russia's flagging protest movement.
Global Europe 05-09-2013

Syria to eclipse trade, economy at Russia’s G20 summit

A potential showdown over Syria between US President Barack Obama and Russia's Vladimir Putin could overshadow a two-day meeting of world leaders beginning today (5 September) in St Petersburg initially dedicated to reviving the global economy.
Europe's East 30-08-2013

Putin ‘deserves medal’ for pushing Ukraine towards EU

A Ukrainian opposition leader jokingly said yesterday (29 August) that by staging a trade war against Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin “deserved a medal” for boosting Kyiv's chances of signing its Association Agreement with the EU in November.
Energy 14-08-2013

Putin fails to undermine Azerbaijan as gas competitor

Russian President Vladimir Putin failed to clinch a concrete energy deal on a rare trip to Azerbaijan yesterday (13 August), dashing Moscow's hopes to challenge the dominance of Western energy majors in the former Soviet republic.
Europe's East 19-07-2013

Protestors call Putin ‘dictator’ following Navalny’s conviction

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was sentenced to five years in jail for theft yesterday (18 July), an unexpectedly tough punishment which supporters said proved President Vladimir Putin was a dictator ruling by repression.
Global Europe 18-06-2013

Putin faces isolation over Syria at G8 summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin faced further isolation on the second day of a G8 summit today (18 June) as world leaders lined up to pressure him into toning down his support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Global Europe 14-06-2013

Putin slams EU for ‘dependency mentality’

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking ahead of the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland on 17-18 June, said his country would not follow the mistakes of Europe that led to the eurozone crisis. In a wide-ranging interview he blamed the EU’s "mentality” for endangering the economy and the “moral basics of society”.
Global Europe 05-06-2013

‘Values gap’ on display at EU-Russia summit

EU and Russian leaders appeared sharply divided over civil liberties in Russia and ways to resolve the Syrian crisis during a two-day summit that ended on Tuesday (4 June).