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  • EU leaders brainstorm on Russia, prepare energy summit

    News | Europe's East 15-03-2013

    EU leaders concluded their two-day summit today (15 March) with an informal discussion on Russia, largely intended as a brainstorming session to prepare an EU visit to Moscow next week aimed at ‘exploring areas of mutual interest'. Much of the debate focused on energy, which EU leaders will discuss during a special summit on 24 May.

  • Yanukovych prepared to offer Putin a gas deal

    News | Energy 04-03-2013

    Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych hinted that he might be ready to cede some control of his country's gas pipeline system that transports Russian gas to Europe ahead of a meeting today (4 March) with his Russian counterpart.

  • A ‘new’ foreign strategy for Russia

    Opinion | Global Europe 07-02-2013

    Politically correct rhetoric of recent addresses from Russian President Vladimir Putin and his focus on problems in Russia and post-Soviet space may be attributed to the objective lack of foreign partners to form a global strategic agenda, writes Lidiya Smola.

  • Where are you going, Ukraine?

    Special Report | Opinion | Global Europe 18-01-2013

    For experts and analysts, the new year traditionally begins with the definition of the main trends of social, political and economic development. Actions in Ukraine show that some trends will have significant implications for the Ukrainian society, argues Lidiya Smola.

  • Putin slams Barroso: ‘You know you are wrong, you’re guilty’

    News | Energy 21-12-2012

    The EU-Russia summit ended today (21 December) with no major decisions, but Russian President Vladimir Putin staged a show for the press, telling Commission President José Manuel Barroso that he was “not right” in his interpretation of energy liberalisation rules.

  • Putin’s Eurasian Union: A promising development

    Opinion | Europe's East 18-12-2012

    The Eurasian Union is surely Russia’s most ambitious political programme since the end of the Soviet Union, writes Liana Fix. As Putin’s own brainchild, it is likely to become one of the top priorities of his presidency, she argues.

  • Ukraine cancels gas talks ahead of EU-Russia summit

    News | Energy 18-12-2012

    Ukraine's president pulled out of gas price talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the last minute on Tuesday (18 December), raising concern about the reliability of supplies to Europe before a Russia-EU summit.

  • Eurasian Economic Union: Less than favourable outcome for economic integration

    Opinion | Europe's East 18-12-2012

    In the lead-up to the creation of a Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), foreseen for 2015, the Customs Union (CU) and the Common Economic Space (CES) between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan represent two elements of the most ambitious regional integration projects launched in the post-Soviet space since 1991, write Steven Blockmans, Hrant Kostanyan and Ievgen Vorobiov.

  • Russian human rights report points to EU ‘deterioration’

    News | Europe's East 07-12-2012

    The human rights situation in the EU has deteriorated with the economic crisis, a Russian envoy said yesterday (6 December), citing xenophobia, racism, violent nationalism, police abuse and neo-Nazism among others. “We believe that nobody should have the monopoly to assess the human rights situation in other countries,” the envoy insisted.

  • EU denounces Russian ‘treason’ law

    News | Europe's East 26-10-2012

    The EU's foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton expressed concern yesterday (25 October) over Russia's recent adoption of a Cold War-style law, which could potentially imprison citizens in contact with foreigners for up to 20 years.

  • BP turns to government in Russian venture

    News | Energy 22-10-2012

    BP is ending a stormy relationship with Russian tycoons from a company known as AAR and is instead targeting a partnership with government-owned Rosneft. The deal, worth over $25 billion (€19.18 billion) could give the British oil company a stake of between 16% and 20% in the Russian oil giant. 

  • Why Merkel is taking such a keen interest in Moldova

    Opinion | Europe's East 27-08-2012

    With a eurozone crisis and other challenges to deal with, why has German Chancellor Angela Merkel taken such an interest in tiny Moldova? One reason is that Moldova is sitting on the borders of the EU and the unresolved conflict there remains dangerous and unstable. Another is that Merkel wanted to use the frozen conflict in Transnistria as a test case for Berlin’s relations with the Kremlin, writes Judy Dempsey.

  • Russia joins WTO after 19-year wait

    News | Economy & Jobs 22-08-2012

    Russia officially joined the World Trade Organization today (22 August), ending a 19-year wait to become part of the global club.

  • World condemns Putin following punk group sentencing

    News | Europe's East 20-08-2012

    Europe and the United States condemned Russia over the two-year prison sentences handed down to three members of the Pussy Riot punk band, while protestors took to the streets in 60 cities around the world after the verdict.

  • Russia, Ukraine in gas-for-influence tug of war

    News | Energy 13-07-2012

    Russian President Vladimir Putin refused to lower the price of gas for Ukraine yesterday (12 July) during his first visit to the former Soviet republic since returning to the Kremlin in May, a meeting which Kyiv had hoped would resolve the energy stalemate.

  • Putin appoints ombudsman for Western entrepreneurs

    News | Economy & Jobs 22-06-2012

    In a major speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, also known as “the Russian Davos”, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he had appointed an ombudsman to help Western entrepreneurs.

  • Putin promotes Eurasian union at EU summit

    News | Europe's East 05-06-2012

    Russia's President Vladimir Putin made it clear that his country cannot advance negotiations on a new basic treaty with the EU, unless Brussels formalises relations with the so-called "Common Economic Space" - its Customs Union with Belarus and Kazakhstan. 

  • Syria crisis tops EU-Russia summit agenda

    News | Global Europe 04-06-2012

    Russian President Vladimir Putin's stance on Syria will be in the spotlight today (4 June) at his first summit with the EU since he returned to the Kremlin last month.

  • Russian Ambassador: ‘EU is like a crocodile’

    News | Global Europe 30-05-2012

    The Russian Ambassador to the EU slammed the bloc's inability “to move backwards” on some issues, but also pleaded for reaping the complementarity of European and Russian economies. The remarks were made yesterday (29 May) at a briefing in preparation of the 3-4 June EU-Russia summit.

  • Russia’s Putin tones down Serb rivalries

    News | Enlargement 29-05-2012

    The transcript of a discussion between new Serbian President Tomislav Nikoli? and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin appears to suggest that Moscow is preparing to work with a government led by Nikoli?'s rival, former President Boris Tadi?, as Prime Minister.

  • Putin’s new economic policy

    Opinion | Elections 20-05-2012

    Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was inaugurated for a new six-year mandate on 7 May, has signed ambitious decrees, but very little is expected to change in the way the country will deal with foreign investors, argues Bogdan Sumenko.

  • Ukraine PM warns of ‘foreign plot’ against Kyiv

    News | Europe's East 16-05-2012

    Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said his country was “taken hostage” over the case of his imprisoned predecessor, Yulia Tymoshenko, which he said was overblown because of a “foreign plot” to prevent the country from getting closer to the EU.

  • EU ponders ‘losing Ukraine to Russia’

    News | Europe's East 15-05-2012

    EU ministers held an animated discussion in Brussels yesterday (14 May), evaluating the risks of “losing Ukraine to Russia” if too much pressure is put on the country over the treatment of imprisoned former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

  • Putin starts new term winking to the US

    News | Central Asia 08-05-2012

    Moscow will seek closer ties with the United States but will not tolerate interference in its affairs and wants guarantees a US missile shield will not be used against Russia, under terms of a decree signed by Vladimir Putin yesterday, as he took office as President (7 May) for the third time.