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Circular economy 25-10-2017

Circular economy success needs more than ambitious policies

Voluntary agreements are hardly a new concept but industry action on this front can drive real progress, particularly when it comes to the circular economy, writes MEP Martina Dlabajová.

PVC boss: ‘We will not change our reputation in one day’

IKEA’s decision in the 1990s to ban PVC from its furniture and textile products had a devastating impact on the industry’s reputation. But 15 years after phasing out the most toxic chemicals, the PVC sector believes it is now ready to gain acceptance as a sustainable material, says Brigitte Dero.
Trade & Society 07-12-2012

Firms tap technology to improve water delivery

SPECIAL REPORT / Bulgaria loses as much as half its urban water supply through leaks, and across the European Union, some as much as 40% of piped water never makes it to consumers. But emerging technology could help reduce waste and turn water systems into energy sources.

Plant-based plastics ‘no panacea’, Greens warn

SPECIAL REPORT / The world's largest drinks companies, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, have laid down ambitious plans to roll out 100% plant-based plastic bottles across the globe, triggering warnings from environmentalists who see a parallel with the ongoing controversy over biofuels.
Health 27-08-2012

Denmark defies EU with planned ban on phthalate chemicals

Danish Environment Minister Ida Auken has decided to ban four industrial chemicals linked to disrupting the human endocrine system, pushing Denmark ahead of the European Union which has already started a process of phasing out phthalates.
Health 17-10-2007

Concerns raised over use of chemicals in medical devices

Exposure to 'phthalates', a chemical component contained in some PVC-made medical devices, harms patients' health, an EU scientific committee concluded in a study. The findings come after a ban on phthalates in toys was decided upon in 2005.
Climate change 16-02-2005

Brief – Industry commits to biodegradable packaging

A consortium of major chemical producers has voluntarily committed to make increased use of biodegradable plastics and polymers in their packaging products, including plastic bags and wrapping.
Climate change 07-06-2004

Study on life cycle assessments relaunches PVC debate

Industry and environmentalists draw different political conclusions from an independent review of thirty life cycle assessments of PVC and its alternatives.
Health 26-11-2002

Commission extends ban on phthalates in toys

The EU-wide ban on the sale of toys that contain phthalates has been extended until 20 February 2003 by the Commission.
Climate change 03-05-2002

PVC industry presents progress report on voluntary agreement

On 25 April, the PVC industry published a report highlighting the results of the business' voluntary commitment to improve its environmental performance.
Climate change 04-04-2001

European Parliament wants tough restrictions on PVC

Members of European Parliament vote for stricter rules on use of PVC
Climate change 24-10-2000

PVC industry pledges to improve environmental performance

At a public consultation hearing, producers of PVC promised to improve the industry's environmental performance.
Climate change 08-09-2000

Commission prolongs phthalates ban for toys

The European Commission has prolonged for the third time its decision to ban the sale of toys containing certain phthalates.
Climate change 16-08-2000

Environmental issues of PVC [Archived]

The Commission is working on a comprehensive Community strategy on the environmental issues related to PVC production, use and waste management. A Green Paper was published in 2000 as a starting point for consultation with stakeholders. DG Environment and DG Enterprise are trying to sort out their differences over a follow-up Communication.
Climate change 27-07-2000

Commission adopts Green Paper on PVC

The Commission published its long-awaited Green Paper on the environmental effects of PVC.
Circular materials 11-07-2000

Commission to propose new strategy on PVC

The Commission is expected to publish its 5th horizontal study on the environmental consequences of PVC later this week.