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  • OIF defends Qatar’s admission to French-speaking club

    Languages & Culture 29-10-2012

    Leaders of French-speaking nations in the Francophonie organisation OIF officially welcomed the Gulf state of Qatar as a new associate member this month, raising eyebrows in some quarters over the club's membership criteria. But OIF officials defended the decision, saying Doha had demonstrated its commitment to the French language.

  • Agreement to launch new global trade round

    Trade & Society 15-11-2001

    Trade ministers from 142 countries reached a final agreement on launching a new round of global trade talks after their six-day meeting in Doha, Qatar. The outcome of the Doha meeting is a significant success for the EU and EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy. The new "Doha Round" will begin in 2002 and is supposed to be completed by 2005.

  • Doha: poor countries get better access to medicines

    Trade & Society 13-11-2001

    Negotiators at the Doha Summit in Qatar reached a compromise agreement on the issue of poorer countries' access to medicines. This breakthrough seems to be smoothing the way for further constructive talks. Progress was made on other dossiers (agriculture, environment) so that optimism grew over the possibility of reaching, before the end of the Summit on Tuesday 13 November, an overall agreement to start a new global trade round.

  • Trade talks begin in Doha amid tight security

    Trade & Society 09-11-2001

    The World Trade Organisation begins its fourth ministerial meeting 9 November in Doha, Qatar amid some of the tightest security seen at an international conference.

  • ICC poll highlights business support for new trade round

    Trade & Society 08-11-2001

    An ICC opinion poll released on the eve of the Doha WTO meeting reveals that business leaders strongly support the launch of a new round of multilateral trade negotiations. Those who were polled cited improved market access and economic growth in general as the two main advantages that would stem from further trade liberalisation.

  • Pharmaceuticals could be key to success in Doha

    Trade & Society 07-11-2001

    Solving the differences between developing countries and the US over Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) and pharmaceuticals could be the key to launching a new round of trade negotiations in Doha. The commitment of developing countries to reaching a satisfactory agreement on this issue offers hope for flexibility on their part in other areas.

  • Fischler calls for emphasis on development in Doha

    Trade & Society 06-11-2001

    EU Agriculture Commissioner Franz Fischler called for a strong development theme to be incorporated into the trade negotiations that are due to take place in Doha this week. Mr Fischler's remark was made at the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) ministerial conference in Rome on 5 November in a speech which emphasised the importance of the EU as a market for the agricultural products of developing countries. He made an explicit link between this development theme and the liberalisation of developing countries' agriculture markets.

  • Lamy plays down implications of Doha cancellation

    Trade & Society 02-11-2001

    EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy has said that if the WTO meeting in Qatar was cancelled due to security concerns it would not reduce the chances of launching a new round of trade negotiations. In an interview with the Financial Times, Mr Lamy stated that it would more damaging if the meeting went ahead but failed to launch a new round of trade negotiations.

  • EU hails China’s final step towards WTO

    Trade & Society 18-09-2001

    The EU has welcomed the successful completion of a meeting in Geneva that has prepared the way for China's entry into the WTO. Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy said at the end of the meeting: "China's accession will make the WTO a truly global organisation."