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Energy 08-02-2019

Nord Stream 2 in dire straits after French U-turn

France plans to back an EU proposal to regulate Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline, its foreign ministry said on Thursday (7 February), potentially threatening its completion and dealing a blow to Germany which has been trying to garner support for the project.
Global Europe 07-02-2019

Engine trouble: EU struggles to attune diplomacy in Brussels

The rise to power of anti-EU populists in some member states is making it harder for the European Union to agree common statements on fast-moving foreign crises, diplomats say, raising a threat to the bloc's prized "soft power" status.
Future EU 05-05-2004

MEPs, Commission warn EU leaders over Constitution

Although nearing the end of its mandate, Parliament will continue to defend its interests in IGC, MEPs have said. Commissioner Vitorino has warned against adding new confusing criteria in the double majority voting.
Security 04-05-2004

Irish Presidency proposes uncontroversial amendments to Constitution

A presidency document includes new elements but does not touch upon the most controversial issues, including qualified majority voting.
Future EU 17-11-2003

The IGC and Institutional Reform: Of Diplomats and Numbers

In this IGC Commentary, the author compares the QMV formulas presented at Nice and in the Convention's Draft Constitutional Treaty.
Enlargement 09-02-2001

Nice Treaty: Less structural funds for candidate countries

German study says CEECs to receive less structural aid due to reweighing of votes after Nice

Dissatisfaction over Nice Treaty

Members of the European Parliament expressed their dissatisfaction over the results of the Nice Summit

European Parliament threatens to reject Nice Treaty

On Tuesday morning 12 December, President Chirac will present the results of the Nice Summit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg

Nice strengthens position of Commission President

The Nice agreement has strenghtened the position of the President of the European Commission

Nice: agreement after longest Summit ever

After the longest EU Summit ever, leaders of the 15 member states reached an agreement on major reforms of the institutions

Prodi’s plea for end to veto on taxes

Commission President Romani Prodi urges EU member states to give up veto on tax issues