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Non-discrimination 17-03-2022

Macron’s gender equality record ‘largely insufficient’

At the start of his term, Macron promised to increase gender equality. However, progress has been "largely insufficient" despite the implementation of several concrete measures, a report recently published by NGO Oxfam France has found. EURACTIV France reports.
Health 09-03-2022

French disability minister: people with disabilities must engage in politics

EU disability ministers are meeting in Paris on Wednesday (9 March) to take stock of the EU's disability strategy and exchange best practices. EURACTIV France spoke to the French secretary of state in charge of people with disabilities who initiated the meeting within the French EU Council presidency framework.

French government revisits migrant quota question

The first debates held in the French National Assembly led the government to suggest that the criteria for family reunification, which allow refugees to bring their families, should be "tightened". EURACTIV France reports.
Agrifood 16-09-2019

The ‘belching cow’ phenomenon and why it’s a problem

Methane, which is emitted when cows belch, is the second most common greenhouse gas on the planet but its effect on the atmosphere is about thirty times more harmful than that of CO2. The political agenda is set on curbing CO2 emissions, leaving the issue of methane emissions often untouched. EURACTIV Germany reports.
A swordfish caught in an illegal driftnet used by the Luna Rossa shipping vessel. [Gavin Parsons/Greenpeace].
Agrifood 23-07-2019

Two French MPs want their Parliament to discuss Europe’s overfishing problem

Two French MPs presented a report to the French parliamentary committee on European affairs on 17 July. The report recommended 27 measures to prevent the collapse of Europe's fish resources. EURACTIV's partner le Journal de l'environnement reports.
Agrifood 26-09-2017

Fishing for trouble: How Europe is losing money by overfishing

Replenishing Europe’s fishing stocks could create thousands of jobs and boost the EU's GDP by €4.9 billion per year, a new study says, but environmental activists warn that governments lack the political will to implement EU guidelines on sustainable fishing.
Global Europe 12-10-2016

Cut funds to states that turn away refugees, Italy urges EU

Eastern states that continue to refuse to take in refugees to help frontline countries in Europe's migration crisis should have their EU funding cut, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said on Wednesday (12 October).
Technology 26-05-2016

European Netflix programming quota does not go far enough for France

Brussels’ proposed quotas for the broadcasting of European audiovisual works by on-demand video platforms has drawn criticism from France - which already has a far stricter system in place. EURACTIV France reports.

How can refugees be distributed fairly among EU member states?

Solon Ardittis asks where the proposed migrant relocation quotas come from, on what basis they are calculated, and why so many member states are reluctant to accept them.

EU migration meeting turns into fracas

EU leaders openly quarrelled yesterday (25 June) during the first day of the EU summit over the distribution of migrants from Italy and Greece, and were unable to adopt summit conclusions over a wording controversy.

EU summit ‘to close the windows’ to immigrants

A large part of the two-day EU summit beginning Thursday (25 June) will be dedicated to immigration, with leaders deciding measures for the return of migrants to their countries of origin.

Many EU countries say “no” to immigration quotas

The European Commission has submitted a proposal to find a fairer way to admit and distribute asylum seekers in the EU. But it’s up to the member states to decide, and many don’t accept the proposed distribution of migrants. The EURACTIV network reports.

MEPs accidentally vote wrong way on deep sea fishing

Around 20 MEPs claim they accidentally approved deep-sea fishing due to the complexity of the amendments and voting system in the European Parliament. EURACTIV France reports.
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Economy & Jobs 15-10-2013

MEPs back 40% quota in company boards

MEPs backed on Monday a proposal by the European Commission to address the gender imbalance in top management jobs in Europe. The new legislation would require most listed EU companies to make sure that 40% of all non-executive board members are women.
Agrifood 22-03-2013

Report: EU planting limits contribute to wine production slump

Global wine production fell sharply last year due to bad weather in Europe and a recent policy to drain its "wine lakes", while EU planting restrictions contributed to higher prices, according to a report on Thursday (21 March).
Agrifood 20-03-2013

Slovakia, Slovenia refuse to sign off on CAP deal

Agriculture ministers meeting in Brussels on Tuesday (19 March) forged an incomplete compromise farm policy ahead of key negotiations on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), with Slovakia and Slovenia refusing to sign off on the deal.
Agrifood 15-03-2013

Sugar mounds and wine lakes? Not likely, quota advocates say

Butter mountains and milk lakes. Those were the images invoked in the European Parliament this week by opponents of extending vineyard planting limits and protections for sugar beet farmers.
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Agrifood 28-01-2013

Brussels resumes negotiations on EU fish quotas

EU fishery ministers on Monday met in Brussels to resume talks on annual fish quotas. As one of the main priorities of the Irish presidency, ministers hope to reach an agreement on the amount of fish members states can catch before the end of the presidency. “If this schedule is going trough then at the end of the Irish Presidency we can have an agreement on a new fisheries policy which can be sustainable but also profitable for our sector creating more growth and jobs”, said EU commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Maria Damanaki.
Agrifood 09-11-2012

Commission plans to boost sugar supplies

The European Commission plans to propose steps to increase the EU's sugar supplies in the face of dwindling stocks and a growing gap between domestic and global prices.

Reding in uphill fight over corporate gender quotas

EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding was in last-minute negotiations on Monday (22 October) to rescue her plan to boost gender diversity on corporate boards, officials said a day before she is to unveil proposals that face withering opposition within the European Commission and from some member states.

Quotas only way to ‘shatter the glass ceiling’ for women

Boardroom quotas for women are the only option left to achieve gender balance, according to an equality campaign group. That view is not necessarily shared by lawmakers in the European Parliament, as the EU prepares to legislate on the matter.

Ministers agree to act for more women on company boards

During a debate to improve the number of women in top positions, EU ministers gave the green light to Commission vice-president Viviane Reding “to do something” to boost gender balance, which is "good for business."
Euro & Finance 09-11-2011

China’s senior banker wants IMF reform before EU aid

China cannot afford to have Europe fail: If help is needed, it will be considered through the International Monetary Fund (IMF). But the priority remains to finalise the IMF quotas reform, Xie Duo, a senior official at China's central bank, said in an interview with EURACTIV.

MEP: Gender quotas should be introduced gradually

Women have come a long way in the past 100 years, but private companies must recognise their responsibility to hire more women in leading positions, German MEP Angelika Niebler (European People's Party) told EURACTIV, expressing her support for the gradual introduction of quotas for women in boardrooms.