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R&D expenditures in Europe and the US

"Europe would over time widen rather than narrow its distance [in research and development] behind the US" should the current status quo remain, writes Kristian Uppenberg, a senior economist at the European Investment Bank, in a February paper published by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).

Get going on R&D spending, experts tell EU

The EU is not spending enough on basic research and developing new technologies, experts at a Brussels conference said, backed by recent Eurostat data.

“The future of Europe lies in research, not agriculture,” says Busquin

Commissioner Busquin has called upon European governments to fundamentally reform the EU budget by moving away from high CAP spending and focusing more on research and education.
Public Affairs 17-03-2004

Interview news: Companies should be allowed to inform patients accurately, says Tom McKillop

While patients have access to information on medicines from a variety of sources, companies in the EU with a legal liability cannot communicate on their products, said Tom McKillop, the CEO of AstraZeneca.
Future EU 12-12-2003

EU Summit agrees on 62 billion euro investment plan

The European Council on 12 December agreed to back the Commission's initiative for a 'European Action for Growth' by funding 56 priority transport and research projects.
Future EU 26-11-2003

Strong private EU investment in R&D – but in the US

'Brain drain' from the EU is on the rise and R&D investment is lower than ever. These are the findings of two new studies presented by the Commission on 25 November.

Commission proposes 62 billion euro for infrastructure projects

The Commission has presented its final proposal for a European Growth Initiative with a concrete list of projects to be started through a 'quick start' programme.

Investment in knowledge growing in OECD, but EU still lagging behind

A new OECD report shows that investment in R&D and software continue to grow in the developed world. However, the EU is still far off the 3 per cent target.
Euro & Finance 11-07-2003

Commission initiative to boost growth via transport networks and research

The Commission on 9 July outlined its latest initiative aimed at boosting investment in trans-European networks (TENs) and major research and development projects.

European Science Foundation calls for the creation of a Union-wide research council

The findings of a high-level working group were the basis of the report sent to the Commission on 6 May, which calls for the creation of a European research council (ERC) funded by the Commission, national and private sources.

Commission, Member States benchmark national research policies

The findings of the first comprehensive benchmarking analysis of the Union's R and D policies are to be presented by the Commission and the Greek Presidency at a conference on 17 January in Athens.

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